Satan's Host - Virgin Sails

Satan's Host - Virgin Sails

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(CD, Moribund Records, 2013)

SATAN’S HOST happens to be one of those bands that never really broke the boundaries of the underground scene being a well-hidden secret among all those metalheads who like to search deeper for 'that' special album. And without doubt the return of Harry Conklin (a.k.a. Leviathan Thisiren) behind the mic managed to draw more attention after the really promising performance at 2010’s edition of ‘Keep It True’ festival. Still, there were a couple of question marks circling above SATAN’S HOST because we have seen how the story ends when a past member rejoins a band. In this case though, SATAN’S HOST have already released the second album after the return of Leviathan Thisiren that goes by the title “Virgin Sails”.

In case you’re wondering if SATAN’S HOST have managed to create an equally good album with “By The Hands Of The Devil”, let me tell you that they haven’t. And that is because they walked some extra yards to deliver a better one. Yeah, you can indulge your need for some blackened and epic Thrash with the impressive “Cor Malifecus - Heart Of Evil”. This is far from a simple Black Thrash song having a thick structure with lots of riffs, a hearty evil atmosphere and, on top of everything, Conklin’s flawless and multi-character singing. Be ready to see your jaw dropping during the fast break of this song and keep the area around you clear because there will be some seriously headbanging following the powerful double bass drum action and the awesome lead guitar assault. You should also keep some energy for the perfect-for-mosh-pit ending that will give you the final blow. Seriously, this is a powerful opener and it took me many replays before moving to the next track, since every listening revealed something new to like. Things get even better with the next bass-driven (love its sound during the mid-tempo start) “Island Of The Giant Ants” that directs some of the spotlight to the lead guitar action that soon enough accelerates the tempo reaching Thrash speeds.

It is true I can spend many words talking about this album that has a lot to offer after a decent amount of spins because the song-structures have many layers to peel off with tons of great riffs, granite solid rhythm section and all those faster breaks offering quality headbanging time. A perfect example is “Of Beast And Men” that starts as mid-tempo with Conklin’s trademark wailing-singing before entering the Thrash realm spearheaded by the yet-again killer main riff. And let’s not forget the dominating presence of the bass guitar that shines under the most-fitting sound production. You can enjoy more bass-guitar action in “Infinite Impossibilities” that claimed the title of the album’s ultimate highlight from the very first spins, with the ton-hammer crushing rhythm, the hearty snare-drum sound and the kind of evilness most of the nowadays Black Metal bands have absolutely no clue how to create. Yes, this is the definition of Blackened Thrash and has nothing to do with the mish-mash of blast-beats and groovy rhythm sections many of us mistaken as good stuff.

There is no weak song in “Virgin Sails” and, in fact, you should keep your guard up during the entire listening time because the title track drops the curtain with a bang. The bone-crushing Doom-like tempo (yeah, the bass guitar shows the way) underlines the term ‘epic’ before lifting the foot off the breaks leading this one to a faster second half as the guitar solo takes over (pay attention to another great riff here). I am sure “Virgin Sails” will get into many end of the year lists, pushing its way right in the photo-finish, so it will be an unforgivable mistake to let this one slip by. Let’ s hope for a full US tour during 2014.





01. Cor Malifecus - Heart Of Evil
02. Island Of The Giant Ants
03. Dichotomy
04. Of Beast And Men
05. Akoman
06. Reanimated Anomalies
07. Infinite Impossibilities
08. Vaporous Of The Blood
09. Taromati
10. Virgin Sails


Leviathan Thisiren - Vocals
Patrick Evil - Guitars
Margar - Bass
Evil Little Hobbit - Drums