Monkey3 - The 5th Sun

Monkey3 - The 5th Sun

(CD/LP, Napalm Records, 2013)

Switzerland is pretty much known for the extremely well-crafted clocks, ski resorts, milk chocolates and… MONKEY3. The epic psychedelic instrumental Stoner Rock quartet is back in discography, two years after the release of “Beyond The Black Sky”, and in case you’re still wondering how it is freeking possible for a listener to connect with the demanding tunes of an instrumental Stoner Rock, well, it’s obvious that so long you have been living in the dark.

MONKEY3, drawing inspiration by the Aztecs perception of the present world that was believed to be the 5th sun preceded by four cycles of creation and destruction (thanks, Wikipedia), have created “The 5th Sun” that contains six epic, compelling tracks with many tempo changes, lengthy interludes and a lot of space-y themes, focusing on sonic stories about cosmic phenomena, distant stars and galaxies. The 14-minutes opus “Icarus” (that tells the known story from Greek mythology regarding Icarus’ fall into the Aegean sea after flying too close to the sun) is a perfect example of what MONKEY3 are capable of; and that is the creation of colorful atmospheres without the use of lyrics (except a narrating part that cites the hero’s thoughts as he drowns) that change from blithe melodies to aggressive tunes and then again to a super-asphyxiating scenery, fitting like a glove to the myth’s character.

The shorter in time duration “Suns” and the Space/Prog intro melodies are not afraid to reveal the band’s influences clearly walking on trippy PORCUPINE TREE / PINK FLOYD / YES paths as it is evolving into endless guitar and keyboard jamming. “Birth Of Venus” continues on the same trippy journey visiting colorful yet inhospitable planets and passing through intergalactic bass-laden oasis throwing down the glove to every Prog dinosaurs’ who desire to create equally refreshing and mouth-watering sounds like MONKEY3’s. And in case you are still searching for the most addictive Stoner Rock riffage of 2013, then the Eastern-laden corners of “Once We Were…” will give you the answer.

I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that “The 5th Sun” is a pure gem of instrumental Prog / Stoner Rock (ok the prog elements are stronger) and I think I will repeat myself to make this statement stronger by saying Switzerland is known for the extremely well crafted clocks, ski resorts, milk chocolates and MONKEY3.

“Should I stop flying? I’m afraid. I’m afraid, Daedalus. My wings are gone.”





01. Icarus
02. Suns
03. Birth Of Venus
04. Pintao
05. Once We Were…
06. Circles


Walter - Drums
Picasso - Bass
Boris - Guitar
dB - Keys