Wolfpakk - Cry Wolf

Wolfpakk - Cry Wolf

(CD, AFM Records, 2013)

When you have so many guest musicians (see below) on a single project (the second one for the Voss/Sweeney duo), there’s a certain anxiety whether the result will be entertaining enough. Thankfully, “Cry Wolf” is better than 2011’s debut and I think WOLFPAKK has a reason to smile after this release.

The style here is a mix of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal filters with emphasis on melodic hooks and big refrains. The songwriting is nice and the guest musicians – see who’s playing what HERE – do their best for to the album’s benefit. The result is nice and overall pleasurable, even if I’d like it to be a little bit rawer, but I think Voss and polished sounds go together the last years or so. The songs themselves vary from dynamic rockers to more mid-pace metallers and some mellower ballads or more epic numbers. There’s something for everyone, in other words. Trying to come up with other bands’ works in comparison to give you some more info ain’t an easy task; hence, it seems “Cry Wolf” owns some identity in the music field.

A couple of years ago WOLFPAKK seemed to be a one-off project. Now a second album justifies the need for a more permanent work. Nonetheless, this is a nice CD for fans of melody in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. That said, give it a try via the two videos the band has released so far and see if you can tie yourself to the duo’s scope.





01. Moonlight
02. A Matter Of Time
03. Dark Revelation
04. Cold Winter
05. Palace Of Gold
06. The Beast In Me
07. Wakken
08. Pressure Down
09. Run With The Wolf
10. Cry Wolf
11. Kid Raw (bonus)


Mark Sweeney - Vocals, Backing Vocals
Michael Voss - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Amanda Somerville, Ralf Scheepers, Göran Edman, Johnny Gioeli, Doogie White, Tony Mills, Blaze Baley, Piet Sielck, Jean-Marc Viller - Lead Vocals
Mike Winkler - Bass
Kee Marcello, Mandy Meyer, Roland Grapow, Martin Rauber - Guitars
Don Airey, Tony Carey - Keyboards
Gereon Homann, Brian Tichy, Hermann Rarebell, Roland Jahoda - Drums