Find Me - Wings Of Love

Find Me - Wings Of Love

(CD, Frontiers Records, 2013)

FIND ME sees the collaboration between musician/songwriter/producer Daniel Flores (ISSA, THE MURDER OF MY SWEET, SEVENTH WONDER) and one of the most underrated vocalists the AOR scene has seen the last years, Robbie LaBlanc (BLANC FACES). I do not know if this is a one-off scenario, but with an album like “Wings Of Love”, we better hope a normal band will exist in the future.

With a Frontiers release you can’t go wrong; the CD is full of AOR / melodic Rock songs with powerful keyboards, clean guitars and accompanying bass & drums parts that all build a concrete base for the warm and passionate vocals of LaBlanc. The minor scale harmonies here are the real deal and some excellent guitar leads are also thrown on the table. The band smartly adapts the inspiration and influences while avoiding sounding like something else, making “Wings Of Love” a disc with a personal aura. The positive energy throughout the whole tracklist will make you feel glad you bought the album (if being a fan of this specific genre, let’s add).

Being a nice album indeed, “Wings Of Love” is one of the very few latest CDs in the Frontiers catalogue that did not make me feel even a little bored. Flores has written some really catchy songs here and, with the straight-to-your-heart voice of LaBlanc, the combination seems to be a winner. Fans of JOURNEY, FOREIGNER, DEF LEPPARD and the late Scandinavian AOR scene should keep an eye on this outfit; the Press release is 100% correct this time.





01. Road To Nowhere
02. Another World
03. Dancing To A Broken Heartbeat
04. Eternally
05. Firefight
06. On The Outside
07. One Soul
08. Powerless
09. Bottom Of My Heart
10. Unbreakable
11. Wings Of Love
12. Your Lips


Robbie LaBlanc - Lead Vocals
Daniel Palmquist - Rhythm Guitars
Jonny Trobro - Bass
Daniel Flores - Drums, Keyboards