The Silent Wedding - Livin Experiments

The Silent Wedding - Livin Experiments

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(CD, F.Y.B. Records, 2013)

Most of the times you can make an educated guess about the music genre of an album just by looking at its cover artwork and ignore the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. So, I tried to apply this method to the debut LP by the Greeks of THE SILENT WEDDING and the result pointed to Progressive Metal, something that did not really entice me to check it out. Fortunately, I was persistent and put all the red-flags away and started listening to “Livin Experiments”, so after a significant amount of time, I am glad I did. Let me tell you why...

Sure, the album opener seems to have all the potential to follow the steps of the late SYMPHONY X with the distinct keyboards and the Progressive-sounding rhythm section (the tempo is kind of complex). The down-tuned guitars have an old-school feeling but not the type we usually come across in the all these 80s-revival albums. I am talking about the Greek Hard Rock sound that – believe me – hides my gems despite the language barrier but this is an entirely different subject. Anyway, I could mention a couple of Greek bands as a point of reference but I don’t think it would benefit the alien-to-this-scene listener. “To Them” is a song that I believe shows the true colors of THE SILENT WEDDING with a solid grey-painted melancholic layer, especially in the vocal melodies that I guess some would like to call Gothic-tinged. Regardless of the music tag, Marios does an excellent job behind the mic delivering the vocals with a distinct timbre able to grant THE SILENT WEDDING an original identity, while almost getting away from the pronunciation trap most of the Greek singers tend fall. The main riff is enough to justify some PARADISE LOST references (or if you prefer SISTERS OF MERCY) and this says 'Gothic' to my mind. Despite the fact “Livin Experiments” is just the band’s second release (the first one was an EP), there are no signs of rough or rushed songwriting and let multi-layered “The Tale Of Strahd” with the atmospheric keyboards finishing touches and the very good guitar leads be the solid pieces of proof of my saying.

There is an abundance of melodies among the album’s nine tracks served mainly by the keyboards and are backed up by the traditional Heavy Metal sounding guitars that sometimes are enough catchy to grant the Power Metal label in the band’s bio as it happens in the faster and heavier “General Autopsy” that still keeps the melody foundations intact (the bridge and chorus sound awesome). The album ends after the six and a half minutes of “In Vitro” that I think is the most solid composition and I have to tip my hat to guitarist Jim for the lead action and the double harmonies that step into the limelight during the solo.

“Livin Experiments” is definitely an inspired album with THE SILENT WEDDING thinking outside of the box by not following the trends in the current Metal scene. So, if you like the dark side of the prime Progressive Metal with significant amounts of Gothic, then this album should be on your to-buy-list. Now, I am already curious to see how this band will evolve in the next album, but I think I am fast-forwarding here...

PS: I wouldn’t mind at all having more female backing vocals like in “To Them”.





01. The Return "To Ithaca"
02. To Them
03. When Witches Dance
04. A Cry From Within
05. The Tale Of Strahd
06. I Am You
07. Real Temptations
08. General Autopsy
09. In Vitro


Marios - Vocals
Jim - Guitar
Johnny - Keys
Alex - Bass
Renos - Drums