Exhumed - Necrocracy

Exhumed - Necrocracy

(CD, Relapse Records, 2013)

Death Metal has evolved and branched out to many sub-genres since it’s inception back in the mid-eighties. Some bands have chosen to make their sound more technical, composing tracks with mind boggling structures. Other, have chosen to blend their music with traditional Rock elements, creating the so-called "Death 'n' Roll". But some die-hard fans of the genre had other ideas. EXHUMED is a US-based band, formed back in 1990. Fueled by their desire to play some good old brutal Death Metal, the band has released a series of demos, EPs and split CDs. They have signed with Relapse and released their debut in 1998. After releasing two more full length releases and a cover album, the band went on a hiatus in 2005. Fortunately, EXHUMED came back from the dead in 2010, releasing their fourth offering “Necrocracy”.

Their influences can be traced to bands like CARCASS, TERRORIZER and IMPETIGO, as well as early ENTOMBED. Their approach to songwriting is simple, following the classic structures, avoiding the pitfalls of some overtly technical bands. Initially, the band had many Grindcore elements, but eventually their sound became more straightforward Death Metal. “Necrocracy” is their sixth full length release, featuring nine tracks. EXHUMED have chosen to slow down a little bit and put a flair of melody to their sound, without sacrificing the heaviness and aggression. The songs are brutal and somehow accessible at the same time, featuring some rather catchy choruses. But what really stands out is the very good guitar solos as well as some very nice and interesting guitar harmonies. Kudos to the two guitarists!

“Coin Upon The Eyes” sports one of these brutal yet groovy riffs, making it a perfect choice for the opening salvo. “Carrion Call” has one of the aforementioned choruses along with a series of killer riffs. After a rumbling bass driven intro, the eponymous track kicks in and, please, pay attention to the guitar harmonies, surely influenced by EXODUS or even the mighty HEATHEN.

In my humble opinion “Necrocracy” kicks ass; this is a straightforward album, aiming not to impress, but to please those metalheads with more brutal tastes. Don’t miss this one.





01. Coins Upon The Eyes
02. The Shape Of Deaths To Come
03. Necrocracy
04. Dysmorphic
05. Sickened
06. (So Passes) The Glory Of Death
07. Ravening
08. Carrion Call
09. The Rotting


Rob Babcock - Bass, Vocals
Bud Burke - Guitar, vocals
Mike Hamilton - Drums
Matt Harvey - Guitar, Vocals