Thou Art Lord - The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer

Thou Art Lord - The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer

(CD, Nuclear War Now! Productions, 2013)

THOU ART LORD is one of the most important bands of the Greek extreme Metal scene. Formed twenty years ago, as a side project of Sakis Tolis, Magus Wampir Daoloth and Gothmog (members of ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA and MORTIFY respectively) with sole mission “to play fast, loud, extreme sinister music”.

Once again, the band was reformed (including the three original members) to record the fifth full length release, titled “The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer”. The album contains nine tracks, composed mainly by EL. The ROTTING CHRIST influences can be easily tracked down, especially in the riff sector but the music is devoid of experimentation and progressive elements that characterize the later releases of the aforementioned band. Gothmog‘s vocals are worth mentioning, sounding like a baritone ghoul. Overall, the sound can be characterized as straight forward Black Metal, with the occasional limited presence of keyboards.

The furious scorcher “Nine Steps To Hell” is a proper initiation to the album, featuring one of my favorite Nietzsche quotes (“When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you”). I loved the old school opening riff and the guitar harmonies of “Artificial Malevolence”. The last track of the album is also the finest; “Fire And Blood” is a spectacular track inspired by the “Game Of Thrones” TV series both lyrically and musically. The second part of the track is a hair-raising rendition of the series' main theme!

Concluding, “The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer” is an excellent album. It is not going to alter the course of Metal history or carve new paths but it radiates dark energy and will satisfy those who seek ferocious musical pleasures. As a veteran Greek metalhead, I am very proud of my compatriots.





01. Nine Steps To Hell
02. Πολιτεία Δαιμόνων
03. Das Messer
04. The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer
05. Artificial Malevolence
06. Justicia Profana
07. L’ Evangelium De Diable
08. Infernarium
09. Fire And Blood


Gothmog - Vocals
Necromayhem - Guitar, Backing Vocals
The Magus - Bass, Backing vocals
El - Guitars
Maelstrom - Drums