Rebellious Spirit - Gamble Shot

Rebellious Spirit - Gamble Shot

(CD, SPV/Steamhammer, 2013)

These young hardrockers of REBELLIOUS SPIRIT are glamin’ and sleazin’ in a passionate way; they have the hunger, they don’t have the experience and just try to mix those two elements in a way the listener will finally dig the result. Half of the members still go to school but this did not stop them from recording their ambitious debut CD called “Gamble Shot” and it’s up to you to decide if you can trust ‘em for good.

The band’s influences are hard to miss: GUNS N’ ROSES, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, RECKLESS LOVE, SKID ROW, VAIN, POISON and the list goes on. What does this mean? Well, it’s time for some party tunes able to make you forget your daily routine for a while. The band plays well, truth is; the music could be described as a little bit naïve but I guess that’s the story in this sub-genre. Jannik Fischer’s vocals are clear cut and deep with a tendency to resemble to the aforementioned bands’ singers but he is doing his job well... very well, to be honest. The rest of the team adds to the have-a-good-time philosophy and the result is anything else but an amateur work but do not think it’s a masterpiece in its own kind too.

Gamble Shot can proudly spin in your audio system for awhile, rest assured. It has this young energy none can deny. REBELLIOUS SPIRIT have what the name suggests in their debut CD. Now it’s time to see if they will make it to a second and better, more ‘mature’ follow-up. But, until then, all you sleazeglamsters can have a good time with ten tracks full of infantile vigor.





01. Let's Bring Back
02. Sweet Access Right
03. Cry For You
04. Change The World
05. Lights Out
06. Gone Wild
07. Don't Leave Me
08. You're Not The Only One
09. Forever Young
10. Rock It


Jannik Fischer - Vocals, Guitar
Jens Fischer - Bass
Silvio Bizer - Drums
Corvin Domhardt - Guitar