The Wounded Kings - Embrace Of The Narrow House

The Wounded Kings - Embrace Of The Narrow House

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(LP, High Roller Records, 2011)

“Three light-hearted, nude nymphs were dancing by the devouring fire, while the terrible, pitch black figure was standing aside, watching the come-hither spectacle from the left side of the green-fusty landscape”. That is exactly the image that High Roller Records chose for the reissue’s artwork of vinyl from the promising UK esoteric Doom duo THE WOUNDED KINGS’ debut album, entitled “Embrace Of The Narrow House”, originally released 3 years ago on CD, under the label of Eichenwald Industries. If you are lovers of the unique blend of Italian 70s progrock, heavy Doom atmosphere and psychedelic horror, THE WOUNDED KINGS, coming from the weathered wastes of darkest Dartmoor, England, are the thing you’ve been looking for, recalling the ELECTRIC WIZARD raw down-tuned horror, the 70s quavery and macabre vocals of DEATH SS and the occult grandeur of the Paul Chain albums.

Listening to “Embrace Of The Narrow House” for the first time, you are going to notice the reason why High Roller Records picked this one to release on vinyl with the appropriate respect as always: the sonic occultism and the dark atmosphere of this debut make it a real cult gem, ideal for every vinyl collector and, I tell you, it can not be missing from your rarities’ catalogue. The opening self-titled track is the absolute proof for my saying and you are going to shiver when you’ll hear the first tunes coming from the 70s horror keys of the intro. Including the characteristically vocals of George Birch referring between Myke Hideous’ timbre and Messiah Marcolin’s lyricism and pompous operatic reading, while the despair and loneliness in the low tempo of the guitars, combined with the monotonous and heavy bass lines, this album totally demonstrates the band’s home made occult tradition, putting also in the international doom-y map its signature for good.

During the 41 minutes of the LP, you are going to deal with the old, decayed, haunting, witchcraft inspired Doom Metal with a malevolent edge to it, owing to the praying crowds and chanting in Latin, the dreary, minimal piano and the so well-fitting 70s sounded production for vinyl, especially in tracks like “Masters Of Witches” and the hypnotic “The Private Labyrinth” which drops the curtain and is my personal favourite of the album. Lost Hammer Horror lovers, Lucio Fulci fans, sinful nuns and fallen despair-ridden angels, if you think yourselves votaries of doom ritualism and paradox occultism with a Lovecraft-esque tune, “Embrace Of The Narrow House” is a highly recommended album. Also, notice the need to be listened to with your headphones on and the lights off, every single night. Don’t forget to close the windows though; the indefatigable, cryptic spirits are out there, wandering around the graveyard headstones, waiting to haunt you.





01. Embrace Of The Narrow House
(I) The Conqueror Worm
(II) Subterranean Night
(III) King Of The Black Sunrise
02. The Hours
03. Melanthos
04. The Eighth House
(I) Transcendence Of Agony
(II) Mistress Of Beasts
05. Master Of Witches
06. Shroud Of Divine Will
07. The Private Labyrinth


Steve Mills - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys
George Birch - Buitar, Vocals, Bass