Evangelist - Doominicanes

(CD, Doomentia Records, 2013)

“-Are you the Christ? Are you the son of God?
-I am.”

Cracow, Poland’s Doom preachers EVANGELIST are back in discography, almost two years after the release of their debut “In Partibus Infidelium” (reviewed HERE) that left very good impressions to this genre’s fans and raised the expectations for the next discographic step which is finally among us. Living in a time when the current trend in Metal music industry seems to be Satan, the Beast itself and the ritualistic culture around it (actually, when wasn’t it?), the Polacks decided to go against the tide and dare to preach the word of God and in particular through a genre that feels almost ideal to do so. After their passage through H. P. Lovecraft’s horrifying and imaginary territories, spotted to their previous album, EVANGELIST proudly present their sophomore work with the declamatory, pompous title “Doominicanes”.

Of course, EVANGELIST continue to spread their love for their ‘informal’ ancestors CANDLEMASS, presenting five compositions quite long in time duration, filled with sorrowful riffage and heartrending vocals, characterized by the lyrical-styled Messiah Marcolin’s timbre. “Blood Curse” that opens the album is a very good example of my saying and if you’re proud of the traditional Doom Metal genre, then there is a good chance you’ll stick with this album for days. “Pain And Rapture” carries thatplease-let-me-die-in-solitude” scent, while the bass makes beautifully noticeable its presence, guiding the main heavy riffage, as it happens in the following “Deadspeak” (I really love how the bass sounds in the whole album as it reminds me PROCESSION’s bassist Claudio Botarro’s magic fingers).

Even if I am missing a couple of fast moments that I think would lift off the entire “Doominicanes”, “Militis Fidelis Deus” is the perfect way to close this album; this is epic Doom at its best with many Eastern-laden solos, amazing high-pitched vocalisms in the refrain and a catchy riff on top of everything, making the name of EVANGELIST shine bright above the never ending list of Doom Metal releases.

“We take up the cross renouncing all sins
Faith is our arm when Lord is our shield
With glee in our hearts and psalm on our lips
We sing † Halleluiah”





01. Blood Curse
02. Pain And Rapture
03. Deadspeak
04. To Praise, To Bless, To Preach
05. Militis Fidelis Deus