BPMD - American Made

Having watched METAL ALLEGIANCE live, could easily be the sole reason for checking “American Made”. Although checking something with Blitz behind the mic is some short of an axiom because his performance-ship is definitely one of a kind. Of course, it takes two to tango and, in this case, the other dancer are [sic] Mike Portnoy, Marck Menghi and Phil Demmel rounding up BPMD. The concept here is covers of well-known American Hard Rock songs that your parents have grown up with (and hopefully have passed their love for those to you).

Ensiferum - Thalassic

Of course there is a good side on the coin we like to call ‘the internet’; aside from being able to spread your toxicity from the comfort of your stinky couch (bad side), you get to catch the pulse of an upcoming album release. Even if it is strange to read well-formed opinions about a new release, after having listened to a couple of songs, it is still an indication of where this release or even a band may be heading. ENSIFERUM have been trying to mix things up because sometimes this type of Metal works like a trap with bands starting to sound the same in every record. There is a whole different discussion whether that is OK, or should be avoided at all costs. For me, the band always knows best that works and what doesn’t, leaving the final decision to the buyer / fan. In other words, buy it or don’t, but do not argue, simply because the band did not satisfy your taste. “Thalassic” is the new album by the Finns and I believe there is a lot to unpack – shall we?

Primal Fear - Metal Commando

Seeing PRIMAL FEAR releasing a new album, should not be a surprise when considering that the Germans have been consistently putting out new material every two years. The thing that may surprise you is that they have been working in this cycle without disappointing the PRIMAL FEAR fanbase, and I know what you may be thinking right now; “does this mean that “Metal Commando” is one of the same?” Well, the answer to that is an ambiguous ‘yes’ and ‘no’, simply because you cannot claim something as being unchanged when clearly the music sounds fresh and full of energy.

Bob Katsionis - Amadeus Street Warrior

Those who may have a couple of grey hairs (or have departured from the metalhead hairstyle all together) should remember the 8- or 16-bit sounds most of the electronic games had back in the day. It may sound strange to some, but those (usually simple) games had more playability from most new releases that offer a shocking level of realism. It seems that game-designers are more focused on getting eye-catching results and less on the player(s) having fun. At some point in time, spending hours trying to defeat that terrible 2D boss and achieve a high-score (no one cares about high-scores these days) was a splendid passing-time activity. Oh yeah, add to this equation Metal music and you have your perfect storm on how to spend your weekend. The love for 8/16 bit music and for all things ‘80s has returned, and even though ‘following trends’ is not a metalhead’s thing, it does carry some nostalgia of an awkward but kind of awesome era, especially if you like making comparisons with how things are now. “Amadeus Street Warrior” is not a Metal album, even though it was put together by Bob Katsionis whose name should ring lots of Metal-related bells (FIREWIND is the ‘easiest’ one). Still, is this enough to grant “Amadeus Street Warrior” a presentation in METAL KAOZ?

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