Shield Of Wings

Shield Of Wings

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Chicago, IL (USA)


Grace Méridan - Lead Vocals
James Gregor - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Olsem - Bass
Pat Eulitz - Drums

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Based out of the Chicagoland area, SHIELD OF WINGS is a symphonic Metal band comprised of four members: Grace Meridan, James Gregor, Patrick Eulitz and Jeff Olsem. Over the years, the band lineup has changed, developing its own unique methods of writing, musical direction, and style. While the band has evolved through its members' progressing abilities and imaginations, the music's essence has remained true and embedded deep within the lyrics.


“Solarium” (EP) - 2011

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Have you missed the ol’ ‘n’ good times where albums like “The Fourth Legacy”, “Consign To Oblivion” or “Wishmaster” were released, establishing the foundations of the female-fronted Metal scene? Well, then I guess you’re looking in the wrong side of Atlantic Ocean since in Chicago, IL a four-piece act was born with the skills and the guts to revive (and why not?) to stand out from the hundreds bands of this genre that unfortunately nowadays confirm the rule: “looks better than she sings”. Having a hell of a front woman behind the mic who definitely confirms her first name (Grace Méridan), the Chicagonians SHIELD OF WINGS serve the tough and demanding symphonic Metal camp way successful with a muchness of musicianship and imagination. The first samples of the band’s evolution is more than promising since the debut EP “Solarium” manages to combine the symphonic virtues along with the gothic element that is diffused through the 6 compositions of the album and the nice-delivered Metal guitars that give the Heavy hue in the final result. Listening to the opening “Essence And The Moon” I was quite impressed by the catchy melodies and the well-given aesthetics (since SOW seems to ‘flirt’ with the fantasy world), even though in some parts I found the keyboards’ use a bit extravagant. Symphonic female fronted Metal? Of course it still exists and SHIELD OF WINGS are walking in the right path.

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