Void Moon

Void Moon

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SWEDEN (Skåne län)


Peter Svensson - Bass
Thomas Hedlund - Drums
Jonas Gustavsson - Guitars, Vocals
Erika Wallberg - Guitars

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VOID MOON was formed in early 2009 by bassist and main song-writer Peter Svensson along with notorious drummer Thomas Hedlund. The power trio was completed by vocalist and guitarist Jonas Gustavsson. The work on the first demo began in the end of 2009 and the recording was finished and mixed during the spring 2010. In October 2010, four of these tracks were released as the “Through The Gateway” 7’’ EP on the German label Metalbound Records. Following the release Erika Wallberg joined the band as lead guitarist. In April 2011, a second demo was released, entitled “The Mourning Son”. The band made its debut gig in Malmö on April 14th and played in Gothenburg the week after, supporting PAGAN RITES. VOID MOON is scheduled to play at the renowned ‘Malta Doom Metal Fest’ in November 2011.

VOID MOON draws inspiration and strength from the old gods of BLACK SABBATH and CANDLEMASS empowered by torchbearers like SOLITUDE AETURNUS and contemporary bands like HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE and GRAND MAGUS. The songs are written in the early doom vein and the lyrical themes surround Crowley’s teachings, death, philosophy and heathen rituals.


"Void Moon" - 2010
"Through The Gateway" - 2010
"The Mourning Son" - 2011

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Sometimes like these, I feel fortunate. You see, I had the chance to know this band since the first self-titled demo and I’m watching them pretty close since then. VOID MOON hails from Sweden and it’s a really promising band thanks to the inspiration and the willing to offer something new in our beloved Metal music. The motto ‘the New Age of Swedish Doom has arrived’ really drew my attention last year and that was the moment when I was introduced to Peter Svensson and his team’s vision, in an endless journey without looking back. You already know that Sweden produces lots of good Metal bands; the thing you may not know is that some of them can really be addictive. Listening to VOID MOON’s latest effort, entitled “The Mourning Son”, you will realize that I am so right! Just notice the guitar-driven down-tempo tunes, the mastery but ‘distinctive’ drum work and the charismatic vocals of Jonas Gustavsson and feel free to thank me later.

PS: Did I mention that the lead guitarist is also part of METAL KAOZ, Erika Wallberg? Now go and check them in their official web page and grab something from their cool stuff.

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