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USA (Los Angeles)


Gouaime Divanis - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Prepared Piano
Tassos Deligiannis - Drums

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Don’t just think outside the box... LIVE outside the box! Art should liberate people from ideas forced on us by tradition. True artists live their art, they don’t just make it. They walk their talk and set an example. Art should awaken and inspire. Writing songs about what is 'wrong' is great, but who talks about ways to make things better? How to improve ourselves and our lives? This record is about overcoming our past as individuals, our inherent need as human beings to improve ourselves and raising self awareness in a world dominated by commercialism. The band has been playing since 2000 beyond any trends, any stylistic boundaries. TEARS strive to make music that is 'artistically significant' as well as honest, straight from the heart. When it comes to expression and creativity there should be NO holding back!


“Memories Of Things Unnecessary” (2010)
“Unravelling Travesties” (2010)

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TEARS caught me by surprise, since their dark Progressive Metal sound is not something that would enter my daily playlist. The thing is TEARS may not belong to the extreme Metal scene, which is the one I prefer, but their “Unravelling Travesties” album hit me like thunder out of the blue! The Los Angeles based Greek metallers present a well worked all around full-length release with concrete compositions full of beautiful melodies and technical elements that are sure to please all melodic Metal fans. Progressive Metal that doesn’t try to sound like DREAM THEATER along with some darker Gothic touches that remind you of bands like GREEN CARNATION etc. What adds up to the overall result is Gouaime’s almost theatrical vocal performance that gives a more dramatic tone to the already dark atmosphere that surrounds this album’s songs (really reminded me of VINTERSORG’s vocalist). If I could find a negative thing in here, this would be the sound, which is actually not bad at all. It is just that “Unravelling Travesties” needed a more polished production in my humble opinion, something that would make this album rank even higher. So, check out this little gem all you treasure hunters out there!

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