PSYCHOTIC WALTZ: Greek Shows Details

PSYCHOTIC WALTZ: Greek Shows Details

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An unbelievable music journey is going to happen on April 28th and 29th during PSYCHOTIC WALTZ live sets in Athens and Thessaloniki, since these shows are going to last for at least 5 hours.

PSYCHOTIC WALTZ are going to play a set of 2,5 hours in every city, plus the guest appearances of ROYAL HUNT (with DC Cooper on vocals for 90 minutes) and PAGAN'S MIND (for 70 minutes) in Athens' show, while MYSTIC FORCE are going to play for 1 hour in Thessaloniki's show. You can view the entire timetable for both concerts below:

Athens (Fuzz Club) - Saturday, April 28
Doors: 6:30pm
PAGAN'S MIND: 7pm - 8:10pm
ROYAL HUNT: 8:40pm - 10:10pm
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ: 10:40pm - 01:10am

Thessaloniki (Block 33) - Sunday, April 29
Doors: 8pm
UNTIL RAIN: 8:30pm - 9pm
AGNOSIA: 9:15pm - 9:45pm
MYSTIC FORCE: 10pm - 11pm
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ: 11:20pm - 01:50am


Source: www.RockHard.Gr