GLACIER To Release New Album In October; Cover Artwork Revealed

GLACIER's new album, "The Passing Of Time", will be released via No Remorse Records in October 2020.

Originally released in 1985, the same-titled EP of GLACIER is one of the greatest "mini releases" of the '80s, including 5 tracks of US Heavy / Power Metal majesty and a few more recordings followed by various incarnations of GLACIER until 1990, when GLACIER was put to rest.

While the legend was growing, in 2016 there was formed a tribute band under the name DEVIL IN DISGUISE (featuring GLACIER singer Michael Podrybau) and was offered a slot at the 'Keep It True' Festival of 2017. After that festival appearance, they started working on new material and by spring 2018, the name GLACIER was back again with the blessing of other original members who had been watching the progress.

With a new and powerful line-up, "The Passing Of Time" will be a huge shock for everyone, including 8 tracks and many surprises. Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: www.NoRemorse.Gr