ABYSMAL DAWN Streaming CANDLEMASS Cover ''Bewitched''

Along with an in-depth interview with ABYSMAL DAWN mainman Charles Elliott, the new issue of New Noise magazine will also feature an exclusive flexi disc of the band's brand new cover of CANDLEMASS' "Bewitched".

The song can be streamed below.

An excerpt from vocalist / guitarist Charles Elliott's interview with New Noise is as follows: “We had some extra time in the studio, and we wanted to do something people weren’t expecting at all,” he explains. “No one expects me to do a lot of clean vocals or expects us to be influenced by a Doom Metal band with operatic vocals, but we definitely are. I think people were surprised, but we played it for a couple of people and they liked it, so we decided to go for it.”

Source: www.Season-Of-Mist.Com