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Simon Matravers, the mastermind of UK's MATRAVIAN Doom project, announced today that he is putting MATRAVIAN to rest. His announcement reads:

"All things must come to an end, and so it is with MATRAVIAN and my second adventure into the realm of Doom. Continued problems with my voice due long-term health issues have essentially made it impossible for me to continue. It's been very difficult to produce a finished product over the last three years, despite the truly unexpected support and encouragement of a few passionate and dedicated individuals - Federico Castaldini, Miguel Velasquez & RUINED, Markus Solstrykare, Bernhard "Doomchild" Tischler and Paul Henderson. My eternal thanks to you, and everyone who purchased tracks, took the time to contact me or otherwise play some part in this painfully short story. I'm very proud of the "Arcadian Rhymes" material, and the love shown for it has been overwhelming at times. My hope was always a physical release, but due to rather confusing circumstances or demands beyond my capacity to fulfill it has failed to happen. I'm hoping that it may finally see a release next year. Fingers-crossed!

"With a heavy heart I bid you all farewell, my doomed friends. May we meet again under a kinder sky (with a cup of tea and a nice slice of cake).

"My waking hour should have come,
But I denied the warmth of rising Sun.
No more to see the shadows fall,
I walk a black horizons dawn."


You can read METAL KAOZ's presentation to "Arcadian Rhymes" HERE.

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Source: www.FaceBook.Com/Simon.Matravers