EWIGKEIT: New Song ''Cold Souls'' Online

EWIGKEIT: New Song ''Cold Souls'' Online

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Fresh from helping to resurrect IN THE WOODS..., prolific underground Metal artist James Fogarty then immediately began to reconstruct his long-running solo effort EWIGKEIT and record the new album “Cosmic Man”, which is set for international release on July 14th via Svart Records. With a history of creating novelty, James’ newest EWIGKEIT release is not without its own enigma.

Lyrically melding the motifs of Terence McKenna and the psychedelic counter-culture with the music of the various rocks, metals, and alloys, Cosmic Man” takes you from the haze of the early '70s via a NWOBHM detour, followed by a refuel and oil-change at extreme metal.  From then on, it's out with the star-charts for a left turn at Alpha Centauri and straight down the inter-galactic highway toward the transcendental object at the end of time. 

EWIGKEIT’s “Cosmic Man” is a potential psycho-pomp for the discerning existential Metal fan: a musical journey through the kaleidoscopic and carnivalesque and, ultimately, piercing the veil of physical death in a confrontation with the unknown. Find out for yourself with the new track “Cold Souls”, which can be heard at Svart's Soundcloud below. Additionally, a teaser video can be viewed/heard also below. Cover art, by Max Winter of Teratogen, and tracklisting are as follows:

“Cosmic Man” tracklist:

01. “Quantum Eraser”
02. “Cold Souls”
03. “Death Is The Portal”
04. “Neon Ghoul Ride”
05. “Space Horse”
06. “Running Away From The Circus”
07. “Thief In The Sky”
08. “Time Travelling Medicine Man”
09. “Back To Beyond”
10. “Two Minutes To Midnight”


Source: www.SvartRecords.Com