Tom Warrior About The CELTIC FROST Reissues

Tom Warrior About The CELTIC FROST Reissues

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Tom Gabriel Warrior, one of the original and founding members of CELTIC FROST, explains in a recent blog post that he is no longer endorsing the reissue of the four albums originally released by Noise. Read below the epilogue of his post or the entire text HERE.

“Given this state of affairs, I no longer feel that I can endorse and support these reissues, as they no longer reflect the wishes, intentions, and identity of the band. Moreover, I personally do not view them as "official", as none of the former members of CELTIC FROST endorses them.

It had been our intention for many, many years to finally see these albums reissued in what could be called ultimate editions. It was overdue. There had even been (unsuccessful) efforts during the past decade to initiate a collaboration to that effect between our own label, Prowling Death Records, and the current holders of the rights. Unfortunately, due to the failure of this reissue project, it now seems exceedingly unlikely that such ultimate and fully band-endorsed reissues will see the light of the day during my lifetime.”

Source: www.Fischerisdead.blogspot.Com