ROYAL THUNDER: New Song Streaming Online

ROYAL THUNDER: New Song Streaming Online

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Critically acclaimed Rock band ROYAL THUNDER have debuted the much-anticipated first song “April Showers” from their new album “WICK”, out April 07th via new label Spinefarm Records. Have a listen below.

“A lot has happened in life between “Crooked Doors” and “WICK”. This song was a life raft and an outlet while we were on the road. It was a song that we lived in and looked forward to playing, live. Personally, it gave me the freedom to release my emotions and process my thoughts while I was on the road.  We hope you enjoy this song. And we appreciate your support, sincerely. We present to you.... “April Showers”.” - Mlny Parsonz

“WICK” finds ROYAL THUNDER at their creative summit. It's a deeply personal, introspective effort, bolstered by monolithic riffing and the sort of lyrics and vocals that sear themselves into your brain... permanently. 

“WICK” is available for pre-order HERE

“WICK” tracklist:

01. “Burning Tree”
02. “April Showers”
03. “Tied”
04. “We Slipped”
05. “The Sinking Chair”
06. “Plans”
07. “Anchor”
08. “WICK”
09. “Push”
10. “Turnaround”
11. “The Well”
12. “We Never Fell Asleep”