EXCALIBUR Signed With Fighter Records

EXCALIBUR Signed With Fighter Records

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EXCALIBUR, the legendary Spanish Heavy Metal band formed back in 1984, have just signed a deal with Fighter Records for the release of their third album, titled “Humo Negro” (“Black Smoke”), coming later this spring.

After a couple of demos in '84 and '87, EXCALIBUR released their debut album in '88 under the title of “Generación Maldita” (“Damned Generation”), which has the honor of being the Heavy Metal record with the highest selling price in Spain - no more and no less than 1600 Euros. Bad luck followed this record: only 100 copies were saved from destruction, which means it's one of the most sought-after treasures of Spanish Heavy Metal/Rock.

In 1996, EXCALIBUR recorded their second album, “Cero”, which was never commercialized, remaining unreleased still today. In 2013, the band returned with a new EP, “Más Duros” ("Harder"). Now in 2017, EXCALIBUR has finished what will be their third full-length album, “Humo Negro”, where they represent the purest and most traditional Spanish Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, and will be released, promoted, and distributed both nationally and internationally by Fighter Records, the new division of Xtreem Music devoted to traditional Metal sounds.

Soon, Fighter Records will reveal more details about “Humo Negro”, as well as its release date. In the meantime, visit EXCALIBUR's official Facebook page HERE, and listen to a song from that mythic debut album from '84, “Generación Maldita”, below.

Source: www.Fighter-Records.Com