Kyuss Lives! @ Fuzz Club, Athens (GRE)

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Date: 25th March, 2011
Venue: Fuzz Club
Ticket: €30
Promoter: Didi Music

Note: This review is basically the thoughts of a fan, rather than an editor.

It was a few months ago, when I learned that the 3/4 of, probably the most influential band in Stoner Rock, KYUSS, would come to Athens, Greece to perform live. From that moment, I was like a small child wafting for the desert, even though I wasn’t going to see Homme with them onstage. The ticket wrote that the show was starting at 21:30, so I arrived at the venue at around 21:00. I couldn’t see many fans outside, so I thought that the Greek audience would snob the supporting act and would come later just for KYUSS LIVES!. But I was wrong! When I entered Fuzz Club I met a venue full by people. As I learned later that nigh, DRIVE BY WIRE came out at around 20:00 o’ clock, but I can’t say that I was sad, since I’m not a fan of the band.

So after a lot of pushing, cursing, a cigarette burn on my left arm etc, I managed to reach the middle of the venue. It was impossible for anyone to go further in front, hence the lack o photos. Around 21:30, the lights went out and the first notes of “Gardenia” filled the venue and there wasn’t a single one that didn’t try to bang her/his head. And I’m writing “trying” since there wasn’t enough room to even raise your hands and applause. “Hurricane”, “Thumb”, “One Inch Man” and everyone was in ecstasy! John Garcia’s was in full form, and so was the rest of the band. The sound for the first time in that venue was very good and we could listen everything and everyone. Bruno Fevery had the most difficult work to do; he had to fit into Homme’s shoes. The question is “did he made it?” The answer cannot be either yes or no. He played everything right, he didn’t made any serious mistakes (and for God’s sake! It’s a gig; you’re not listening to a CD! There will be some mistakes!), but there was something missing. And that was feeling. Not that it was absent throughout the show or that it spoiled the entire night, but it is something worth to mention. Another thing that I didn’t like was the time duration. The 80 minutes of KYUSS LIVES! being onstage was not enough. But in the end, I was one of those lucky bastards that listened to what is closer to KYUSS in 2011.

The thing that my back and neck hurts and if we add to the equation that my voice is in terrible shape, I believe gives the picture of that night. It was not the best gig I’ve ever been but it is surely one that I will remember for a long time even if they didn’t play “Demon Cleaner”.

KYUSS LIVES! setlist:

01. "Gardenia"
02. "Hurricane"
03. "Thumb"
04. "One Inch Man"
05. "Conan Troutman"
06. "Freedom Run"
07. "Asteroid"
08. "Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop"
09. "Odyssey"
10. "Whitewater"
11. "El Rodeo"
12. "100°"
13."Spaceship Landing"
14. "Allen's Wrench"
15. "Green Machine"