Nightstalker @ EightBall, Thessaloniki (GRE)

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Date: 10th March, 2012
Venue: Eightball Club
Ticket: €12 ($16)
Promoter: n/a

It was a cold and raining Saturday evening in Thessaloniki, Greece and despite the high humidity, the Hard Rock fans were undismayed for the night that was about to follow. A night dedicated to Greek Stoner Rock! NIGHTSTALKER, a band from Greece with genuine Rock ‘N Roll attitude, signed to the American label MeteorCity, were about to give us the chance to experience a really intense and orgasmic fun concert. Along with three, also Greek, supporting bands the package was very promising.

The live began with PARAFERNELIA who gave us a very first taste of what was about to follow. With a Hard Rock ’n’ Roll sound from Thessaloniki, obviously influenced by bands like MOTÖRHEAD, AC/DC and WASP, having participated already in 2009’s ‘Schoolwave’ with one demo including five songs, PARAFERNELIA did their best with strong riffs and drifted us to their rhythm. HOGG came next and really rocked our asses us with their Stoner and their crazy mood and the strong rhythm and lucid chords.

Time passed by quite fast and as people kept coming, the club looked full by the time LORD 13 had come onstage as the last of the supporting bands. Formed back in 1999, LORD 13 have released two demos, “Embrace” (2000) and “Hell Ride” (2002), two albums, “Lord 13” (2006) and “2013” (2011) - the second that was recorded at their own label and production company Faster Louder. LORD 13 stirred us up with their Stoner / Hard Rock despite the fact that I could barely hear the singer due to some technical issue with his microphone. They played for almost and hour and were the perfect appetizer for what we were about to witness.

To tell you the truth I was there because of the headliners and after almost three hours of waiting at last NIGHTSTALKER were onstage and fired us up for good! The place was so packed that the band hardly managed to reach the stage.  The show opened with the intro “Heavy Mental” from “Superfreak” and was followed by more from this album, like “Baby God Is Dead” and “Superfreak”. The crowd was singing along and seemed to enjoy the Stoner Rock party. After introducing their latest album, NIGHTSTALKER went on with older songs like “This Is You” and “Freakland” from “Use” (1996) and “Just A Burn” from the self-titled album. Stage diving had become a usual phenomenon from the first moments of the gig, even though there was no space move around! Argy (vocals) announced “Zero Hero” as the last song of the night but the crowd had a different opinion and started shouting “We want more”! Of course the band was convinced and remained onstage to play a couple more songs: “Enough Is Not Enough” and “Voodoo U Do”. The crowd was showing its love for the band by clapping and shouting in every given occasion.

Only after the band had left the stage, people started leaving the venue along with the suffocating atmosphere. NIGHTSTALKER were more than strong and a true blast in-your-face, in one word amazing! They kicked asses and drove us mad with their Stoner Rock and what really surprised me was the communication of Argy with the crowd. Something so unique and so dead on honest! This was an amazing performance from NIGHTSTALKER so, what about another show in Thessaloniki?