Karma Violens @ K44, Athens (GRE)

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Date: 05th November, 2011
Venue: ΤΩΡΑ Κ44
Ticket: Free
Promoter: n/a

First of all, I want to say that whoever missed this live release party is a real shithead! I mean, it was Saturday night downtown where all the bars/clubs are, so you could just show up and continue with your night somewhere else, it was close to a subway station, it was free and it was over at a time you could still used the public means of transport to get back home. So, you suck! The ones who showed up know what the others missed and probably feel sorry for them...

So, after my earlier outburst let me get straight down to business and present you two incredibly talented Greek bands from the extreme side of our beloved music that in my humble opinion have been delivering some of the best live performances I have ever seen from local acts. KARMA VIOLENS invited their friends MORTAL TORMENT and decided to set up this beautiful party to present their first ever full-length effort “Dormancy”, which is being self released and it is definitely going to be part of your album collection soon enough. Just wait for my upcoming review on the album and you’ll see what I mean.

So, even after a small delay (that’s not what mattered at that time since everyone was having a great time), the Athenian butchers MORTAL TORMENT hit the stage and were ready to mutilate the audience and tear the venue down! With songs from their latest full-length album “Resuscitation”, the brutal Death Metal act was once again an incredible sight to see with the band’s frontman John being the usual beast on stage, with the guitars spitting their venom and the rhythm section sounding killer! The crowd was more than grateful, proving it with several moshpits and friendly violent fun. If those weren’t enough we had KARMA’s drummer Nikk joining the band to sing a song along with John, as well as a DYING FETUS cover (“Grotesque Impalement”) and the night was already on fire!

The butchers had paid their dues and it was time for the honoured men of the night to make their appearance. There was a small delay once again, but as I said earlier nobody seemed to bother, not that night. To cut a long story short, KARMA VIOLENS grabbed their guitars, basses, sticks, mics and were ready to kick as once again! With the all time classic bestial voice of the band’s singer Marios welcoming us once again and thanking each and everyone for being there the band delivered a passionate show consisting of songs from their debut album “Dormancy”, that’s why we were there after all, as well as some medleys/covers (“Davidian” crushed my fucking skull) and older songs like “Into The Core”, a live classic for KARMA which was once again boosted with MORTAL TORMENT’s John on backing, or guttural to be more precise vocals. And for those who know, he was fully wrapped in toilet paper this time, hahaha! Instead of wasting time saying about the sound etc, which was more than decent for the venue, I want to say something that is really important for both the band and the people that attended the show. It was really nice seeing people enjoying their set and I even heard many friends that were seeing them live for the very first time being impressed by their unique and diverse sound. Well, only these guys can take HEAVEN SHALL BURN’s melodic Core sound and make it sound a bit more Black and Death Metal!

All in all, it was one of the most beautiful nights and everyone had really good fun! I know I did and I want to thank the bands that gave their best, the people that attended the show (the venue was full!) and Ino Mei who helped set this whole thing up and made us dance our socks off at the after party! As Ino said, "last night will stay in history!"