Weed Is Weed - Dave Sherman

Weed Is Weed - Dave Sherman

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From WRETCHED and SPIRIT CARAVAN to EARTHRIDE and now WEED IS WEED, Dave Sherman has been a constant driving force in the Maryland/DC Doom scene. Shortly after the holiday smoke cleared, Dave had a chance to hang out with METAL KAOZ and bring us up to speed with the doings of “Dr. Doom”...

Weed Is Weed - Interview

First of all, did you survive the holidays with minor damage?
It was a great holiday! Got to see my boys CLUTCH and jam with Wino at the 930 Club in DC. Awesome times with long time friends - couldn’t have been better.

Let’s set the record straight once and for all since there are various stories floating around. What is the official status of EARTHRIDE? Is the current lineup still intact?
EARTHRIDE is taking a long break right now, but the band is not done. I've been working on my new project, WEED IS WEED, so give it some time and EARTHRIDE will be back with the old line up.

Has any new EARTHRIDE music been recorded since “Something Wicked”, and if so, can we expect to hear it any time soon? Possibly an EP of some sort?
No recordings right now. We had a song or two that we were going to record, but it didn’t make it to the studio so they’re on the shelf for now.

WEED IS WEED!!! This band has been around in some form or another since late 2005, and also includes your former SPIRIT CARAVAN brother Gary Isom. Can you tell us how this particular project came together? Who else is involved?
WEED IS WEED formed in 2005 while I was living with INDESTROY drummer Rob “Cougin” Brannigan. One day my girl said to me that, “I'm not smoking medical grade weed”, to which I replied, “Weed is Weed”, so that's how the name came about. Cougin, Russ Strahan, Gary Isom and Mark Amman were the original lineup, but it has changed over the years, including Johnny Wretched, Darren Waters and Jason Fisher.

Originally, it looked like Gary was playing guitar with WEED IS WEED, but has he since moved back to drums? And was it a conscious decision to include a THREE guitar attack?
Cougin is drumming and Gary is on guitar. There is a 3 guitar attack- kind of like THE OUTLAWS, SKYNYRD, etc. That was my idea - the more guitars the better! I’ve written over 90% of the music.

Over the last year or two, we've all been treated to several YouTube videos of a few WEED IS WEED tunes which all sound crushingly heavy. When will full length “Blunt Force Trauma” finally be released? Will you be releasing it yourselves?
We just released it on our own, but we have labels looking at signing us. I'm not going to say [who] right now, but it's looking good!!! ***Note: “Blunt Force Trauma” is available on iTunes as we speak!***

I know WEED IS WEED has played several Maryland based shows over the years, but now with a properly released full length album on the horizon, are there any plans to take the band on the road in 2013 for an extended period of time?
Yes! We want to tour as much as we can for this record to get the name out there, so we are booking as many shows as we can for 2013.

Sherm, you've been a fixture in the Maryland/DC Doom scene from the start, and have shared the stage with everyone from Wino and Hank III to SOURVEIN and just recently CLUTCH. Have you ever given any thought to doing a solo record? I can't even begin to imagine the all-star lineup you could assemble!
I was thinking of doing a PROBOT-type album with me lending voice to bands like PALE DIVINE and IRON MAN, just to name a few. But for right now, WEED IS WEED is my main focus.

A few years back, it was announced that there would be a SPIRIT CARAVAN reunion. However, this has yet to come to fruition. Are there still plans for a reunion, or has it been shelved indefinitely?
Wino and I have been talking about it for sure, but he's pretty busy. Maybe by the end of the year - we will see. But there is talk about it, so that's good.

What are you personally listening to these days? Any new bands that are blowing your mind we should know about?

Weapon of choice: blunt, pipe, bong, or vapor?
I like a bowl, but joints are good, too. Bongs kill me these days (laughs)! I just like smoking weed in general.

That should about do it, Sherm! I greatly appreciate you taking the time to hang and chat with METAL KAOZ. Any last words for the hordes out there?
Thanks for doing this interview, Mike. I'll see ya'll on the road soon with WEED IS WEED!!!

The pleasure was all mine, Sherm! Remember, WEED IS WEED’s new album, “Blunt Force Trauma”, is available now on iTunes! Be on the watch for a 2013 tour stop near you. Weed is the word!