Kreator - Mille Petrozza

Kreator - Mille Petrozza

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In the midst of the co-headlining US tour with KREATOR and ACCEPT on the billing METAL KAOZ had the chance to talk to Mille Petrozza a few hours before the awesome show at Mojoe's in Joliet, IL. So, don't waste any time and read below his answers to the METAL KAOZ questions.



First, the obvious question; how is the US tour so far?
Great, we have a lot of fun, the shows are all packed, we are getting along with ACCEPT quite well, so it’s an amazing tour for us; I have to say this is one of the most successful tour we had in the US.

So, was it your decision to tour with ACCEPT or it was the label’s idea?
In fact, ACCEPT’s manager suggested this tour to us and we thought about it and all of a sudden became a reality.

To tell you the truth we were expecting to see KREATOR on a different billing since last time we spoke to Mike from DESTRUCTION he told us that they were thinking of touring the US along with SODOM and KREATOR. So, did you have any discussions about this matter?
We have been talking about this all the time! We have been having this discussion since the last time we were in Greece along with SODOM and DESTRUCTION about getting that tour in the US. But this never happened and you wanna know why?

Of course…
There are certain people who don’t want to tour. Schmier wants to tour, we want to tour but Tom from SODOM does not. And as you can understand we can only do this tour with the three bands onboard because otherwise it would not be the same. So, without SODOM this will never happen and I am really sorry to say this.

Anyway, I hope this will change in the not so distant future. For this tour you created a special setlist, so again another obvious question: how difficult was to choose the songs?
It was the worst to be honest because we cannot please all the fans. We have some many requests for obscure songs posted on our website or in our forum when we ask what songs to use in an upcoming tour. And sometimes fans come up with songs that we cannot play live. I mean, there are some old songs that we have tried to play live but eventually did not work out. But still, we try to mix things up every time we come to the US. Last time we were here we opened the shows with “Pestilence” from “Pleasure To Kill” but this time we are more focused on the new album, then to the stuff we have released during the last the years and then go back to the old ones from “Pleasure To Kill” and “Extreme Aggression”. But like I said, it is impossible to please everyone.

Are some of the songs you cannot play live come from the “Renewal” album?
Yeah, there are many songs from “Renewal”; we used to play, two or three tours ago, “Europe After The Rain”...

…and I think “Winter Martyrium”, right?
We haven’t done this for quite a while but that is one of the songs we’d like to bring back to our setlists. But that would mean to take out some other song. And there are certain songs like “Betrayer”, “Extreme Aggressions” or “Enemy Of God” that simply we cannot leave outside. So, you see how tough it gets.

Sure, and that leads me to the next question; KREATOR have released “Endorama”, “Renewal” where you keep changing the band’s style, so how do you think the band has progressed during all these years?
I think we just do what we feel like and it’s not like we plan beforehand what to do. We write music by instinct and for the last record we started on some ideas I had for a couple of songs and we took it from there. In particular, I had a demo tape with about five songs I had recorded at home that I played for the other guys who chose what sucked and what was good. So, we started rehearsing three times per week and came up with the rest of the songs.

The album has been out for about three months, so what is the feedback you are getting from the fans?
It's been great. This is definitely a well-received album and a lot of the fans are really happy with it just like we are. I also noticed that the songs were using in the current setlist are doing really well.

Did you change a little bit your vocals in the new album?
Not consciously. I mean, I did not think to change my way of singing before the recordings. You see, in the new album there are new melody lines, so even if it is still my voice, there will be some changes. I changed my vocal parts wherever it was necessary. Or maybe it’s better to say that I tried new things.

I think your singing sounds more natural…
In that case, I have to give credit to Jens Bogren, our producer, who made me work hard on my singing because he is concerned on that and wants the vocals to be really strong since this is what people first listen to. I mean, when you play a record and you don’t like the vocals then everything gets spoiled.

Yeah, you are right. After the US tour, you are going to shoot a video for “From Flood Into Fire”, so how did you choose this song?
We like it and it is an Epic song. I also like the meaning of the lyrics that are based on the Greek myth about Medusa and it’s about endurance and survival. When I was a kid I had a record about Odysseus that I used to play a lot, it was the first record I listened to, so I was thinking one day I will write a song about it (laughs).

Yeah, that’s awesome. Are there any other plans to film another video?
Maybe we will do another one. We want to make this video really special and there is a specific director from Sweden we want to work with and currently we are close to the end of the discussions of what we want to do about it. But I’d love to work with that guy because it’s just makes sense to me.

You have also announced some live dates in Israel, so are you gonna use the same setlist?
First of all I have to say that playing live in Israel is always special for us. We are co-headlining this tour with ACCEPT (we play one hour and fifteen minutes), so when we start the headlining dates, we will add a couple of songs more and extent our playing time.

And the same goes for the European tour who have with MORBID ANGEL, right?

Are you filming any part of this US tour with ACCEPT?
Not professionally but we have been taking some footage. We might be using some of the material in the upcoming video clip and in fact we have some friends in Montreal in Canada who took some really nice live footage using 4-5 cameras, and it’s very professionally, but we are still thinking about it.

You worked with LACRIMOSA for their new album…
Yeah, I played the guitars for their new record.

Did you just play the guitar parts or did you also contribute in the music composing?
No, I did not write. Tilo is a very good friend of mine and one day when I was in his house, he played for me some demos of new songs and told me that he wanted the guitars to sound heavy. And I said Tilo, if you want the guitars to sound heavy...”

..."let me do them"…
(laughs) No, I just told him to record the guitar parts using an actual guitar because he has been always using keyboards. I said to him that he needed a real guitar player to do this but I was not thinking about myself. Then he asked me to do this, and I said yes, because, as I said, he is a very good friend. It was fun and I think it’s a very good record.

You have also done some guest singing for VOLBEAT…
Yeah, and that was also fun to do.

So, these are the only things you did outside KREATOR, right?
I am getting a lot of requests for guest parts and I have to reject a lot because it is getting too much. And I only choose to work on something that I really like as I did with LACRIMOSA and VOLBEAT, especially if it is for a different kind of music. Because if a band that plays like KREATOR wants me to do some guest appearance, I’d simply reply “guys, just do it yourself since you are also a Thrash band”. I mean, it doesn’t make sense to do something outside KREATOR that sounds like KREATOR. I like to work with music that is not necessarily the same style we are playing.

Ok, Mille thanks for your time; see you in a couple of hours on the stage.
Thank you, guys! I hope you'll have fun tonight!