Legacy Of Disorder - Rana Freilich

Legacy Of Disorder - Rana Freilich

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LEGACY OF DISORDER is a rather young band with New Zealand origins that is currently on a US tour supporting GWAR. METAL KAOZ got in contact with the band’s guitarist Rana Freilich and got info for the band itself and the very good second full length release “Last Man Standing” that is already available out there. So, check what Rana told METAL KAOZ!

Hey Rana, welcome to METAL KAOZ! Please take some time to introduce LEGACY OF DISORDER to our readers.
Heya Dimitris how ya going. Well LEGACY OF DISORDER is a four piece band  with myself Rana on guitars, James Robinson vocals, Jase Bass on bass and Matt Thompson on the drums. We all hail from New Zealand apart from Matt whom comes from and resides in the U.S.  The band has been going since 2008 and has recorded two full length albums which we recorded with Sterling Winfield whom has also engineered/ co-produced PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN etc. And here we are touring the U.S having a blast and living the dream.

James says in the band’s bio sheet: “We think our style fits in well with today's Metal scene” so can you describe where do LEGACY OF DISORDER stand in the Metal scene? What are the dominating music influences?
We feel our sound is new and old school sound and seems current in the Metal scene. We just write and play music and it seems people are really getting and digging our sound. Well for influences it ranges from SABBATH, MAIDEN and PRIEST to PANTERA, SLAYER, LAMB OF GOD, HATEBREED, SLIPKNOT, BEHEMOTH, CANNIBAL CORPSE and it really goes on and on but I do think a wide range of influences in great for us as a band.

How are the first days with GWAR? How are the GWAR fans treating the band?
The GWAR tour is simply awesome, we are being treated really well and the fans seem to be really taking to us. This is the best and most fun tour we have been on! The other bands on the line-up are great to.

How long did it take you to write and record the music for “Last Man Standing”? Did you have any problems along the process?
The album was written over a period of a year while touring and having a little time off. The music for us comes when it comes kind of thing. The album was recorded with Sterling Winfield again and there were no problems. Everything we do is written and in a good demo quality before we hit the studio. So “Last Man Standing” was a really blast to record and we feel it has come out great.

How are LEGACY OF DISORDER working in the studio? Is the album a product of a team effort?
As I said a just before we have all the songs fully written and arranged before we hit the studio. But for sure we try and muck around with some stuff and if it works we hit record. We may have main music and lyric writers but overall the LEGACY OF DISORDER sound is a huge team effort and that allows import from everyone involved and that’s how we like to roll.

Did you have in mind how you’d like the new album to sound before starting the composing process?
Kind of I guess…but I think you naturally get an idea of where the album is going from the whole writing process and listening to the demo  before we actually record the album…but right on man it is great if it surpasses your expectations and for us our new album “Last Man Standing” did that.

If I am not mistaken your debut was released in 2008; so from your point of view what has changed in the band in “Last Man Standing”?
We cut off a little bit more fat from our music and I feel grown more as a unit. I guess it’s a natural process to grow and become a little more refined.

“Last Man Standing” is released via Black Orchard Music; how difficult was to find a record deal nowadays with the current economic crisis.
Black Orchard Music is a label our manager made for LEGACY OF DISORDER … and hopefully it will go further.

The album’s cover looks amazing; who is the artist and is there any connection with the lyrics?
Seth Siro Anton is the artist and he did a great job with the art and we are rapt with what he did. I believe there is a real link between the album title and song “Last Man Standing” and the art for sure…there is a common vein throughout the album reflecting on war and a generalization of how we as humans  kind of destroy everything…

Following the previous question, what is the lyrical content of the album? How important do you feel is for the singer to write his lyrics? I mean can you sing for something that you don’t believe or feel?
For some songs its important but we all write lyrics but yes James and all of us have  to believe and feel the lyrics otherwise it doesn’t fly.

I really love the way the bass guitar sounds especially in “Punish All”; who is responsible for the sound production? How important do you think is the sound production especially nowadays that is everything digitized?
Jase Bass, Sterling Winfield and Troy from STL studios are responsible for the bass tone and that’s great your digging it…and yes in this digital world I believe sound quality and production is very important.

What are the lyrics of “March To Death” about? What is the origin of the spoken parts?
This track is written about WWII operation “Barbarossa” when Germany invaded Russia and failed and in general seeing it from a soldiers’ point of view. The first spoken part is German (Goebbels) talking of how they view the Russians at that time which isn’t very nice at all, and the ending speech is Stalin saying how they have defeated the German invasion… this track took me a while to write and pen the lyrics as I wanted it to be right on the money…I’m a war and history kind of guy.

What is the Metal scene in New Zealand? Is it hard to start a Metal band?
The Metal scene is there but underground and only has four million or there about people so as you can see it’s a numbers game. It’s been a huge job and mission to get our music heard from NZ but we are doing it so all good and we shall keep the ball a rolling.

Thank you for your time Rana I am sure you will have a great time touring with GWAR. The last words are yours.
Hey we had a blast in Joliet, IL man and the crowd responded real well….we are the opening band and started a circle pit so that’s great. Touring with GWAR is awesome!!  The tour is rolling along real well. To whoever may read this please spread the word, come to shows buy some merch and albums and we will throw down for ya!!  We are in this for the long haul and giving it everything we’ve got…. Thanks for the interview Dimitris and please spread the word.