Descending - Constantine

Descending - Constantine

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So, Greek Metal scene is getting evolved more and more everyday and DESCENDING’s new album is one of the evidences. They have released “New Death Celebrity”, an excellent album of modern extreme Metal music. METAL KAOZ got the opportunity to have a comprehensive conversation with one of the band’s guitarists, Constantine. Let’s see what he told us.

Hailz from METAL KAOZ. How are you guys? What’s the news from the camp of DESCENDING?
Hello Kiriakos! Everything is cool and fine tuned right now in the DESCENDING camp. We are getting ready for our upcoming show in Thessaloniki with SEPTICFLESH and DARK FUNERAL. We literally can't wait to kick some ass on stage once again.

Checking out your line up I saw that Anthony has left. Would you introduce us the new member?
Nick Vell has been actually our new drummer since 2008. It hasn't been official since our new album release but we have been together with him for quite some time now.

So tell us a few things about the recordings of “New Death Celebrity”.
The recordings of “New Death Celebrity” took place at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. 20 days of madness, energy, excitement and hell of a good time I must say. We worked as a team along with producers Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd and I think the result is pretty much satisfying and sweet to the ears.

What’s the story behind the title?
“New Death Delebrity” is a concept album. The songs speak about a very important person, that's why we used the term celebrity, who was born with a star and was meant to make a big impact in people's lives. Every song is a state of his mind, body and soul, a point in what you might say is his ‘life map’, starting from the end after he had died, when his work has passed to eternity, and building the story way back at the moment of his birth.

Would you please describe for us track by track your new album?
“No Other Gods Before Me”: it’s the opening track, massive and grandiose from the beginning to the end. It gives the listener the first taste about this album's atmosphere and concept.
“Suicide Promise”: Brutal and fast pacing but mixed with strong bass section grooves along makes it our favorite new live anthemic song.
“Until I Generate”: Extreme blastbeats, machine gun riffage and some Black Metal touch makes it the most extreme DESCENDING song up to date.
“How Much This Life Weights?”: First single release of the new album, memorable sing along riffs and melodies, also killer work from Jon on the chorus section.
“I Keep Returning”: The last song that we actually wrote for the album; definitely one of my favorites. Unexpected arrangements and insane-like dark atmosphere on this one.
“The Energy”: This is the song where the essence of the album is hidden. Questions about life and death... the answers are given behind the notes... behind the lyrics. Come closer and see for yourself.
“Shared Planet”: My favorite riff on the album for sure. It has something like a drone feel to it that guides you through the song.
“Escape The Mirror”: More progressive patterns and unexpected arrangements here showing the new evolved face of DESCENDING in 2011.
“The Ghost Of Nation Past”: Pompous, anthemic and dark. Noir makes his theatrical debut here with opening speech and clean vocal lines at the very end.
“Path To Healing”: Last but not least our most melodic and melancholic track for the enclosure for the album. Dark emotions mixed with despair guides the listener towards the ‘catharsis’ as in every piece of art.

Are you satisfied with the album's production by Fredrik Nordstrom?
Hell yes, the result speaks of it's own.

Why did you choose “How Much This Life Weights?” as a single?
We considered this song as the best representative example of what DESCENDING is all about in 2011 and so we decided to hand out this one first.

How do you feel that you are under the “roof” of Massacre Records? It’s a glorious label which has among others MYSTIC PROPHECY, CREMATORY, DARKANE, MALEVOLENT CREATION etc.
It's definitely a family thing going on; we are really lucky to work with Massacre and couldn't be better than being on the same label with my Mystics.

Are you planning to make a video clip for the promotion of the new album?
Yes, “The Energy” has already been filmed and is at the editing process right now.

I describe your music in the album review as a modern Thrash/Death Metal band, do you agree with this label?
I wouldn't put any label on DESCENDING’s music necessarily. Now that you ask, I would say that it is modern extreme Metal.

How do you see Greek Metal scene these days? Would you tell me five bands that you like most?
The Greek Metal Scene is growing and evolving constantly, so many good bands around these days. I would name just a few: SEPTICFLESH, ROTTING CHRIST, FIREWIND, WINTER’S VERGE and BLYND.

What are you thinking when you are listening to the follow words: “Enter Annihilation”, IN FLAMES, KREATOR and AS I LAY DYING?
“Enter Annihilation” was a very strong debut and was literally a scream that DESCENDING is here to stay. It always give me nostalgic feelings when I listen to it and reminds me of our very early days since when we were writing the songs at the time we were 20’s. None the less it is always a blast playing songs from our first record like “Descending”, “Killer Instict” and “Trust”!
If I have to say something about these bands you mentioned, I would say that hell yes, they are the reason for us being here and playing music today. These are our heroes and without them we wouldn't visualize ourselves playing in a real band.

What are your future plans after the release of the new album? Maybe a tour?
A tour would be possible soon, we are working on it. Times are tough we all know that, especially if you play Metal music.

So, Constantine, thanks for your time, I wish all the best for your band. Close the interview as you wish…
Cheers to all the fans of DESCENDING since day one for supporting us. We wouldn't be here making music if you wouldn't be here supporting. Hailz and see you hopefully soon on the road!