Dying Fetus - Trey Williams

Dying Fetus - Trey Williams

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After five years, brutal Death metallers DYING FETUS are back with original music in the new album, titled “Wrong One To Fuck With”, which will storm the stores in one week from now. METAL KAOZ got on the phone with Trey Williams, the band’s drummer, to talk about the making of the new record as well as the immediate plans of DYING FETUS. Check it out below.

Dying Fetus - Trey Williams

Welcome Trey to METAL KAOZ!
Hi Dimitris, thank you for having me.

Of course, so let me get straight to the meat of this discussion by starting with a kind of obvious question; who is the "wrong one not to fuck with"?
(laughs) Hopefully it will be the listener. Hopefully, the listener will go away with the feeling like he can take on the world.

Yeah, and this will be useful in the type of world we all live in…
I guess, so it is possible.

Just by looking at the album’s cover artwork, I see the old DYING FETUS logo; was there a specific reason to use it?
Once we saw the finished artwork, when we had started doing the cover artwork mockups and we used both the old and the new logo. We realized that the old logo worked; I mean, visually it fitted the best with the artwork, so we brought it back and I think it made sense to use it. I also think that it goes along with the intensity of the artwork itself and the overall visual aspect.

What you’re saying is that there is no question between using of the old logo with the music in “Wrong One To Fuck With”; I mean, does the old-school logo translates into old-school music?
Not necessarily, we do try to keep a little bit of nostalgia in our sound where you can hear where the band came from originally, but we always try to move forward with our music and avoid taking steps backwards.

Speaking of taking steps forward, and considering the complexity and the brutality in the music of DYING FETUS, how do you challenge yourselves in every record?
First of all, moving forward is a necessity for us. Staying exactly the same every time gets boring and, you know, we want to write new material and play new songs. Sometimes playing the same old ones gets dull and you always try to push yourself as a musician. I mean, try to get a bit more musical with your playing and refine your style or try new things to push your own boundaries.

So, what did you do with your drumming differently for the new album? Can you help understand this considering that I am not a musician but just a listener?
This is the first album that I wrote every drum part in. So, what you hear is what I decided to play and where. For the previous albums, we did the pre-production with a friend and he wouldn’t write the drum parts per se but the structure would be there; for example, there will be a double bass or a skank part and then it was left up to me to make sound creative. This time I wrote every hit and that is the big difference. I am not trying to reinvent the DYING FETUS sound but this is my interpretation of what it is.

That makes sense, Trey. Following up on the drums, I think in the new album they sound more natural whereas in “Reign Supreme” the drums sounded a bit ‘dry’; so did you do something different for this one?
We are always trying to capture what the band sounds like naturally, so I guess it came a little better on this than in the previous albums but I will say that overall the drums do not sound that different.

Ok, got it. How long did the actual work on the album last? Because, “Reign Supreme” was released about five years ago.
It took about fifteen months to write and record it all out. The process was lengthened a bit because we were touring between writing and this kind of slowed things down. We are either on show-playing mode or on a studio-recording more and there is nothing in between.

Is the transition from doing shows to recording in the studio easy?
I’d say that it is not too bad. I mean, when you are in a creative mindset, you may not be... I don’t know how to describe this. What I am trying to say is that we can do one or the other.

You have released a killer video for the title track of the album that will be most probably banned by some outlets, if it has not been already, so who had the idea to put together something that looks like a short film?
We were pitched the idea of having Mitch Massie to direct a video for us and we were familiar with his work with lots of other bands and it was his work for CATTLE DECAPITATION where we first found out about him. The guy makes some really intense stuff and we were thrilled with the treat that he gave for the song and how it carries the theme of it. He came up with the concept, he executed it and we are really excited when we saw the finished product.

Did the band have any short of input in the making of it?
We just gave him some insights when we met him in person. He filmed another video for us and this how we met him face-to-face. We talked with him and explained what the song meant and he had an idea in his head about where he wanted to take it. He is the one who came up with the Wild West feel and the story has elements of the song.

Do you know if the video has been banned by any media outlet?
I don’t know of any particular one at the moment, but I am sure it will happen.

Isn’t this a bit strange or ironic? We see on prime time all these terrible things happening and, in fact, YouTube is filled with such videos, so banning a video is kind of contradictory.
Well, I do see your point where we live in this 24/7 news cycle era and there is a new atrocity happening every day and is right there in front of your face. So, why are we surprised when something like we do comes out and what makes it worse? Maybe, people just brush off the reality a little easier because it is not something that came from somebody’s imagination. I guess, when people think that this comes from the creative side of one’s mind, makes it more demented and sick.

This is a bit crazy, but I guess we are living in crazy times, right?
Yeah, although sometimes I think we are not that much crazy but we are in a time that allows us to find easier about all the weird stuff that happens everywhere.

That’s true too. Moving on, you have ‘The Summer Slaughter’ tour coming up in June and then you go back to Europe, right?
Yes, we go back to Europe this Fall for a headlining tour.

So, are there any plans after that?
Nothing official that we can talk about, but we are definitely making plans to do a lot more touring. We’d love to go to South America again, go to Canada, do some stuff in place in Europe that we haven’t visited and we would love to go to South East Asia again for this album cycle.

Awesome! And next year, it will be the anniversary of “Killing On Adrenaline”...
Whoa, you are right.

In fact, the new album marks your 10th anniversary with the band, am I right?
Yeah, you are.

In regards to the album, are there any thoughts of celebrating the occasion?
Maybe, if we were to wait another year to put out the album (laughs) we could do something like that... We haven’t really talked about doing something like that, but this does not mean we won’t try it, but at the moment ,it is all about promoting new stuff and not live in the past.

I see what you’re saying, and I agree. Going back to the album, I was checking the DYING FETUS backcatalogue and saw that every album (except that last two ones) had eight tracks; was this done like a tradition of sorts?
I cannot speak for the albums that I wasn’t on, but it seems like it is the way that this just happened.

I mean, there is not any kind of talks about going for just eight tracks…
Yeah, I don’t anyone somebody has a specific number of songs when starting to work for an album. I think, if anything it comes down to ‘what’s the bare minimum to classify for an album’, you know, and eight songs sound like that. But this does not mean we are trying to do the bare minimum it’s just means that with eight songs you are in the album territory and the more you do are extras.

Well, you must be referring to the vinyl dates because when the CD entered our lives then the tracklists got longer.
Oh man, I kind of miss flipping the tap or the vinyl record over! And some bands took advantage of that and had a completely different theme on the B-Side, you know...

I cannot agree more, Trey, and there was a physical connection with the music too; you got bigger artwork with the lyrics, the liner notes… However, they say vinyl is coming back.
Yep, I think it does.

I have one more question for you; are COVENANCE and / or SEVERED HEAD still active projects?
No, not really. They are pretty much done. The guys in SEVERED HEAD have moved to other projects and the same goes for COVENANCE. I wish all of them the best of luck because they are part of my history and I would not be where I am now without them being in my life.

And with this, you’re saying that you don’t have something else aside DYING FETUS.
At the moment, there is nothing.

Ok Trey, thank you for your time! See you on the road.
Thank you for your time, Dimitris! Have a great rest of the day.