Infernäl Mäjesty - Christopher Bailey

Infernäl Mäjesty - Christopher Bailey

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It’s a fact; INFERNÄL MÄJESTY are back with the excellent album titled “No God”, and METAL KAOZ got the chance to have singer Christopher Bailey on the other side of the phone line to touch upon as much as possible subject concerning the current activity by the Canadians. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you INFERNÄL MÄJESTY.

Infernal Majesty - Christopher Bailey

Hi Chris, thank you for taking the time to speak to METAL KAOZ; I think “No God” came out to be a fantastic album.
Thank you very much, Dimitris – I really appreciate this.

Before discussing the making of the new album, I want to get some info on a couple of things; the press release that came with the album says that you are working on a book for INFERNÄL MÄJESTY. So, how far into writing this are you? Can you give us some more info about the content?
It’s actually a first-time experience, since I’ve never really done something like that before. I’m at the early stages of this, collecting material, writing notes and interviewing some of the former members of the band and some of them was a bit difficult to track them down, but I did. There are still some people I haven’t managed to reach like Psycopath but hopefully this will soon happen. I think it will be really interesting to read the story about the creation of the band and all the ups and downs behind it up to this date.

Yeah, I agree. So do you have a release plan for this? Have you found a publisher?
As I said, I’m at the early stages, collecting the material that will be featured in a way on this book, so there is nothing set yet. But I believe that in about 8 months to a year I’ll have a more solid planning on this. And I have not yet contacted any publisher.

How does it feel revisiting all these old stories?
It is like a rollercoaster revisiting all the ups and downs, but it has been an overall interesting experience, for sure.

I can imagine. Are there any plans to celebrate INFERNÄL MÄJESTY’s 30th anniversary? Any re-releases on the way, for example?
Well, we have not big plans to celebrate this simply because we have other things going on with the new album release that in a way is a celebration of the 30 years of the band, but we will be re-releasing “Unholier Than Thou” and “One Who Points To Death” through High Roller Records. We are also going to release a complete redo of “One Who Points To Death”, something that will happen sometime next year. We have reworked all the songs and I think it’ll be great to compliment to the release of the original.

Just to make sure I got this right; are you talking about re-recording the entire album?
Yes, we will re-record the entire “One Who Points To Death”.

That’s cool! Let’s go back to the new album; first of all, will “No God” be available only as an import release here in the US?
To my knowledge, this is the plan; I believe there are some cool editions via High Roller Records.

I was asking more about the vinyl edition of the album, so will there be any distribution here in the States for that?
We would love to expand our distribution, but right now, High Roller Records is the only place to get the vinyl. The CD version will be available in the US via Victory Records. Also, note that the two songs, “House Of War” and “False Flag”, will not be available on the vinyl. Basically, we did not pay attention on the duration of the album and kept writing and then, we realized that we had just run out of space. So, we did an executive decision to leave those two out of the vinyl. But they will be on the CD and the download edition of the album.

Good to know. How long did you work on “No God”?
It actually took a while and that’s because our plan was to do everything as INFERNÄL MÄJESTY - from songwriting to production to mixing, everything except the artwork, and in a 95% we achieved that. It was a big learning curve for us, that’s for sure. The mixing of the album took also a long time; Steve was working on the helm of it and we were really close getting the sound we wanted, but we could not, and in fact, we were supposed to release the album in 2016 but we did not due to this delay. So, we called Chris Holmes to tie all things together and capture what we wanted to achieve, adding some of that dark atmosphere that we were aiming and I believe he brought the entire result even closer to our vision.

While I was listening to “No God”, I decided to revisit the INFERNÄL MÄJESTY debut and I realized that there is a connection between that and “No God”, so did you intentionally try to create that sound?
Our main goal was a ‘return to the roots’ sound in a way; I mean, we didn’t actually want to reproduce our first album soundwise, but we wanted to bring forward that atmosphere, so yes, you can say this is a darker and closer to our roots album than “Unholier Than Thou” and “One Who Points To Death” are.

Is there a concept running behind the lyrics of the album?
There is an evil atmosphere threading all the songs along with an anti-religion concept behind the lyrics. I don’t believe there is this God as described in the Bible who is just watching all this ugliness going on in the world today without doing something.

Do you think that people are ready to live their lives without a religion?
I think they are. We need to early educate kids in the teachings of science and get them focused on the things that really matter; how to respect each other and Earth, and then, they’ll realize that they do not need religion. I cannot see a future for human kind until all the religion has been reduced. However, I totally respect the spiritual aspect of this and the need of some people to have some high power to provide them comfort about dying and whatnot.

Ok, that’s a huge discussion for another time and another place, so let me go back to the press release that came with the album; is it true that you have almost completed the work for the follow-up of “No God”?
Yes, we have written about five songs and the plan is to release it sometime next year.

That’s awesome news! However, some bands do not like keep writing new music after an album has been released, because they think that the next album will pretty much sound like the previous one; what’s your opinion about this?
Yes, I can see that. But actually it’s about how you feel after completing an album; if the right mood and inspiration are there, then I don’t see why you should stop yourself from doing it. Also, in our case we have not been releasing album in a constant pace, so we want to keep the momentum going. What I can tell you is that the next album will be bigger than “No God” but there will be a certain vein connecting the two albums.

That’s exciting news! Also, you have released the really cool video for “House Of War” where you had your parents as actors. So, how did that happen?
When me, Steve and Kenny decided that we should do everything for INFERNÄL MÄJESTY on our own, we also discussed making our own videos, so I volunteered to helm this. For the “House Of War” video, my parents volunteered on their own to stand in snow storms and walk around the ruins of an abandoned camp, and I really thank them for that. This is known as Camp 30 and is located in Bowmanville, Ontario and it used to be a prisoners of war camp for German soldiers. So, I had them there with my fake blood recipe on them and they did great. I have my parents very close to my heart and, in fact, there would be no INFERNÄL MÄJESTY without them.

Cool, I hope you were a nice director on them (laughs)
(laughs) Oh man, I was; I had always sandwiches and hot coffee. Everything was done while ensuring everyone is safe, you can be sure about that.

That’s good to hear, Chris. So, what are your touring plans? Europe or US?
Both; it’s gonna be a huge announcement in the following days regarding Europe, so you can keep an eye on our Facebook page regarding that. And we’d always like to do a coast-to-coast tour in the US, since we’ve only been once in areas like Detroit for instance, and that’s a shame. So, we’ll definitely keep on working on that.

In that case, please note that I am calling from Chicago, so make sure to stop here.
You bet, man – we love Chicago and once a US tour is confirmed, Chicago will surely be amongst our stops.

You know, I keep seeing all these great Canadian Metal bands that never make it to the US and it’s beyond me why. Do you have an explanation for this?
I know what you’re saying and I’ve thought about it myself, but to tell you the truth, I can’t put my finger on why; I really don’t know why this is happening. Regarding Pop music or other genres, this is not the case - it’s actually quite the opposite. But I really don’t know why this happens with Metal bands, I can’t explain it.

Thank you Chris for your time to talk to us and share all this info – it was really a pleasure! Actually it was a pleasure too listening to “No God”, so I really don’t know what pleasure was bigger (laughs)!
That’s good to hear (laughs)! Thank you, man for your time and interest on INFERNÄL MÄJESTY, it was a pleasure for me too! Take care!