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KRÅKE Sign With Indie Recordings

KRÅKE Sign With Indie Recordings

Indie Recordings has announced the signing of Norwegian metallers KRÅKE. Original founders and brothers, Dreugh and Beist, conceived KRÅKE in 2007. From the brothers hailing from Kopervik on the west coast of Norway, the idea was to create the best possible symphonic and atmospheric Black Metal they could possibly achieve. It took five years to turn their vision into reality, but the result is nothing short of impressive.

KRÅKE is Norwegian for "crow," an animal known as a mythical creature throughout history and cultures especially as a herald of woe, a sign of death, but also wisdom. Inspired by this, the band strives to compose music that covers a wide variety of emotions, from anger and pride to anguish and despair. Inspiration is also sought from any source better enabling them to produce the music they want to create, be it classical and soundtrack music, literature and nature imagery. The lyrical themes are based around the darker aspects of life and the certainty of death. As for the actual music, you will find links to bands like DIMMU BORGIR, OLD MAN'S CHILD, BAL-SAGOTH and even bands like TYPE O NEGATIVE.

Source: www.BlabberMouth.Net

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