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ATHLANTIS: "M.W.N.D." Release Details

ATHLANTIS: "M.W.N.D." Release Details

After a few years' break, Italian Power Metal act ATHLANTIS is back with a vengeance and completely new line up. With their new album "M.W.N.D." they're presenting new drummer Enry Sydoz and singer Jack Spider.

After they've managed to built a huge underground fan base with their self-titled debut, the new record shows the band stronger than ever. Besides the amazing new vocals by Jack Spider and the high class skills of guitarist Pier Gonella, it's their very own melodic, but still powerful style that makes the difference. Produced by Pier Gonella himself at the Studio Music Art, in Rapalla/Italy, famous for albums like MASTERCASTLE or ODYSSEA. The stunning new album artwork was perfectly crafted by Roberto Toderico (SAVIOR FROM ANGER, POWER BEYOND), layout by Oscar Petersson (PANDAEMONIUM, KATANA, OSUKARU, BYFIS) .

"M.W.N.D." is a masterpiece full of power, melodic, emotions and it's Heavy. Fans of bands like LABYRINTH, SHADOWS OF STEEL, VISION DIVINE, HELLOWEEN or GAMMA RAY will enjoy it. "M.W.N.D." will hit the stores on the 15th of June, 2012. The limited IceWarrior edition will feature an exclusive bonus track. You can watch below a promo clip to the song "Strong As Your Love".

"M.W.N.D." tracklist:

01. "Madness Is Rising"
02. "Getaway"
03. "The Final Judgment"
04. "Strong As Your Love"
05. "Faraway"
06. "Dry Gin"
07. "Lightning"
08. "One Man, One Look, One Desire"
09. "Giorgia"
10. "Holy Call"
11. "Faraway" (bonus acoustic version)

Source: www.RockItUp.Org

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