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Guitarist Ryan Huthnance of Australian Thrash Metal veterans MORTAL SIN has released the following statement:

"It's time the rumors were laid to rest. Yes, MORTAL SIN is finished. Due to changing personal circumstances, as well as priorities, Luke (Cook, drums) and Nathan (Shea, guitar) have both decided that their time with the band is at an end. This decision was not made lightly, and was not a result of the actions and words made by other parties who would lead you to believe it was. The truth is, without passion, conviction, and love for the music you play, being in a band means nothing.

"While Andy (Eftichiou, bass), Dave (Tinelt, vocals) and myself could easily continue and find new band members, without the core songwriting unit from the last two albums, it wouldn't be MORTAL SIN.

"We're extremely proud of our last album "Psychology Of Death", and we've completed the longest and most intense tour of the band's career — the 'Thrashfest Classics' tour. These two milestones are a fitting way to close the 25-year journey that was MORTAL SIN.

"On behalf of MORTAL SIN, I'd like to thank you — the fans — for staying loyal to a band that's had more ups and downs than any other in Australia. Without you, this journey would have ended long ago.

"For those who'd like to follow the future musical exploits of this final lineup, Dave's band NEKROFEIST are about to release their new album, my band THE SEER just released a new single, and Luke will continue playing with his cover bands.

"We sincerely apologize to those who hoped to see us on the road in the shows we had booked. Thank you, and goodbye."

Source: www.BlabberMouth.Net

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