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CRUCIFIED BARBARA Sign With Nuclear Blast

CRUCIFIED BARBARA Sign With Nuclear Blast

Swedish all-girl Hard Rock quartet CRUCIFIED BARBARA has inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Records for North America (US, Canada, and México) plus New Zealand and Australia. The band's third studio album, "The Midnight Chase", will be released in North America this summer. The CD was recorded at Music-A-Matic Vintage Recording Studio in Gothenberg, Sweden with sound engineer Henryk Lipp and producer Chips Kiesby.

"We're really proud of our new album and so incredibly happy that Nuclear Blast will release it!"
states the band. "They've always worked with the coolest bands and now all of a sudden, we're one of them. This is the beginning of a long, hard-rockin' friendship!"

Source: www.BlabberMouth.Net

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