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FOZZY's Tour Bus Trashed; Show Canceled

FOZZY's Tour Bus Trashed; Show Canceled

FOZZY frontman Chris Jericho has issued the following Twitter update:

"Last night as I was riding on the ANTHRAX bus, FOZZY's bus was in an accident. The band is OK, thank God, but the bus is trashed so we won't be able to play the show in Denmark tonight. Hamburg is still on for tomorrow. Its a miracle nobody got hurt, as the bus skidded on two wheels for 50 feet and the side door was completely torn off. Say a prayer for the boys and stay tuned for more info. Now I'm on a train from Aarhaus to Hamburg with nothing but a toothbrush and a pair of flip flops. Could be worse..."

Check out a photo of FOZZY's bus below. Says Jericho: "Note the lack of front door... The undercarriage is just as bad!"

Source: www.BraveWords.Com

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