Skogen - Forbannet Inn Isolajon’s Stein

Skogen - Forbannet Inn Isolajon’s Stein

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(CD, Private, 2010)

I work in the most unintelligent job in the planet, people in my job are living dead, it’s like entering a the “Land Of The Living Dead” were zombies have acquired a semblance of intelligence and they tolerate your presence. I know, I know I can imagine a million movies and video games that can describe my job, like “Silent Hill” another example of an endless torment, without the sirens though, well you get the picture I think... yet as with all the survival movies there are also more that suffer in such places.

Out of chance, I met Satan a.k.a. Spyros who told me that he loved Norway and asked me if among my travels had been there; I instantly got it, I asked him what music he liked, well you can imagine what it is, he also told me that he was in a band that has released an album. So, I asked for a copy in order to have a listen. And here I am busting your balls with a wall of words for an intro and helping out a friend who is trapped in a zombie world of banality.

SKOGEN are old school; actually they are so old school that could easily be some long lost band that came out from the eighties. The album is self-produced and thus, it’s as rough as glass paper with a sound I had nearly forgotten from the days that Black Metal was starting. We are talking about an out-of-the-well sound, with vocals coming from somewhere else and it seems the band is playing inside a moist cave. Spyros actually told me that it their intentions to sound like that.

Guitars are insanely fast and as technical as necessary to retain the old feeling but also sound is a little bit monotonous. Of course, this is my personal taste and mind you, I was never a big Black Metal fan. On the other hand, not liking it doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about it. The vocals are almost strange with ultra high pitched screams and there are times when the voice comes far too weak. As expected the drum work is based on fast drum pedaling as it should in this type of Metal genre. I think it’s a good attempt that would be better if there was a better production and the singer abstained from the high pitched screams and did something lower.

Underground gives us hope that there is still fresh ideas or old ideas played with a new look and I think the Greek scene is filled with promising bands.





01. Marching Towards the Forest of Shades
02. Satan's Unholy Warcry
03. Subhuman Emotion
04. Forbannet Inn Isolajon's Stein
05. Whores of Church
06. Dominatus Satan-Dominatus Death
07. Bestial Attack
08. Opposed to Human Existence


Satan - Guitars
Kathgor - Vocals
Nyarlathotep - Drums
Alastor - Bass