Meldrum - Lifer

Meldrum - Lifer

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(CD, Reversed Records, 2012)

MELDRUM’s “Lifer” is not just a new addition in the band’s discography but a really special release since it is dedicated to Michelle Meldrum who passed away on 21st of May, 2008 while in the process of working on this album. I cannot even imagine how tough it can be for a band to bounce back after such a devastating event but I do understand that releasing an album can be a way to channel all the grief and frustration while providing a sense of closure to those who are left behind. So, the remaining band members rolled up their sleeves and finished this album paying homage to the departed guitarist.

Musically the album sounds more aggressive and heavier than the previous MELDRUM albums but I guess this was expected considering the emotional state of the band. The PANTERA-influenced guitars blend with Gene’s massive drumming into an explosive mix placing the album under the modern groove Thrash category. “A Toast To Romance” opens the album with a fast tempo and pissed off vocals that bring to mind HELLYEAH and their jumping-up-and-down South-raised groove Metal. There is no way for a band to pull this out without the help of proper production and here, Rob Shallcross has done his magic to create a wall of sound with killer grooves and down-tuned riffs that enticed my interested via the ZIMMERS HOLE references. I have a sweet tooth for aggressive female vocals so considering Michele Madden’s vein-popping singing I gave “Lifer” additional spins especially to tracks like the SLIPKNOT-esque riff driven “Money Shot”, the Dimebag-influenced “Blackened Blue” and the mid-tempo “Home” (kudos for the bass action here). Apart from these tracks, I could not find more reasons to revisit this album in the near future, but I guess this is the toll MELDRUM had to pay while dealing with Michelle’s passing.

The truth is that “Lifer” has some good moments (tracks) but those are not that strong/enough to put it high in your albums-to-buy list. But if you knew Michelle’s musical doings, then you can get this one and join the band in saying the final goodbyes to another talented musician who left Earth very early.





01. A Toast To Romance
02. Blackened Blue
03. Paid
04. Money Shot
05. '68 Blonde
06. Walking Point
07. Inamorata
08. Home
09. Mayhem
10. Greenlee


Laura Christine - Bass, Guitars
Gene Hoglan - Drums
Michele Madden - Vocals