Acrimonious - Sunyata

Acrimonious - Sunyata

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(CD, Agonia Records, 2012)

It is always nice to get a new album from a Greek band. And I’m not saying that because I’m Greek, but because this country has taken huge steps in the Metal scene, no matter the genre. Nowadays, the Greek Metal scene is not all about just 5 or 10 bands, since dozens more have actually begun to take things more seriously and release solid albums that go beyond the country’s borders. ACRIMONIOUS is one of these bands, having formed in Athens, Greece in 2003. Not much is known about them, apart from their releases list (one demo, two EPs and one LP) and the fact that their current lineup features ex-members of another Greek Metal band, ACHERONTAS. “Sunyata” marks the band’s sophomore effort.

It won’t take you long to realize that “Sunyata” is a solid release and that these guys really have what it takes to create great music. The album comes with all the trademark Black Metal elements from the blast beats to the cutting edge riffs along with some great melodies (like in “The Hollow Wedjat”), while keeping everything wrapped in a dark atmosphere. But there is more; the music flirts with other genres like Rock, Heavy Metal and this can be found everywhere like in “Vitalising The Red-Purple In Asher-Zemurium” that also has a groovy rhythm section. There are a few more things that make the album to stand out, such as a ritual-like attitude, the feeling of agony and despair and the surrounding eerie atmosphere. The songs have plenty slow/mid-tempo breaks that are combined with harsh vocals, melodic arpeggios and slow drumming topping off the album’s atmosphere. Really the music can take the listener into a ritualistic journey – for example in the chorus at the end of “Adharma” resembles an orthodox Mass.

ACRIMONIOUS prove that they have nothing to be jealous of their Scandinavian, French or US colleagues, having created a great and solid album that manages to fuse wonderfully the typical frozen and melodic sound of Black Metal with a hearty occult atmosphere. The album features a very good production making the entire package a must have for every metalhead. Check it out and you will be rewarded.





01. Nexus Aosoth
02. Lykaria Hecate
03. Adharma
04. Glory Crowned Son Of The Thousand Petalled Lotus
05. The Hollow Wedjat
06. The Sloughted Scales Of Separation
07. Vitalising The Red-Purple In Asher-Zemurium
08. Black Kundalini


Qain Letifer - Guitars, Vocals
ar-Ra’d al-Iblis - Vocals
Akhkhar - Bass
C. Docre - Drums
Semjaza 218 - Guitars