Viter - Springtime

Viter - Springtime

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(CD, Casus Belli Musica, 2012)

It’s been only a week since I have presented of VITER’s debut EP “Dzherelo”, re-released by Casus Belli Musica, and now I have the Ukrainians’ new LP entitled “Springtime”. Having such a short period of time between the two releases, I got the chance to shed light on the possible differences between them, which I think are many. In fact, if “Dzherelo” had been first, I’d say that this is an entirely different band.

Musically “Dzherelo” was something like Folk, fused with Black Metal, while “Springtime” sounds mainstream Folk Heavy Metal and that change was the first disappointment, without the elements I liked on the debut release. I am not saying VITER have gone soft since there are many Heavy parts with the drums and the down-tuned riffs on the driver’s seat balancing the otherwise easy to listen music and the slower/lighter moments. “Diving Deep” and “Two Colors” are power ballads; the first has great melodies and vocals along with some beautiful down-mood arpeggios, while the latter can be easily tagged as a filler track with nothing interesting at all. The album has enough electro elements that one can add the 'Gothic' label to describe the music just like in the upbeat self-titled track.

After many auditions the album seem to me a little be out of balance; some songs are interesting with very good ideas and instrumentation, like the heavy “Marichka”, the up-tempo “Springtime” and “Viter”, and the ballad “Diving Deep”, but on the other hand, there are some songs, like “Two Colors”, “Day Eats Day” and “Cold and Frozen” that just pass by totally unnoticed. And do not get me started about the more than enough lukewarm moments I found in this album. I guess one should check this album before investing and has to pay additional attention if he has already met this band in the debut release.

PS: “Marichka” has a great intro with a heavy groovy riff accompanied by chicken sounds! It can’t get more folk that that!





01. Wool, Fish, Love (Mountain Valley, Mountain Hills)
02. The Night Is So Moonlight
03. Marichka
04. For The Fire
05. Springtime
06. Diving Deep
07. Cold And Frozen
08. Viter
09. Day Eats Day
10. Two Colors


Yulian Mytsyk - Vocals, Folk instruments
Sviatoslav Adept - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Folk instruments
Volodymyr Derecha - Guitar
Bohdan Potopalskyi - Bass, Backing Vocals
Olexandr Ignatov - Keyboards
Sergiy Krasutsky - Drums, Backing Vocals