Stallion Four - Rough Times

Stallion Four - Rough Times

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(CD, Pure Rock Records, 2012)

Nice, nice, nice! Sweden’s STALLION FOUR unleash their first album and with bands and discs like this there’s nothing to fear for the everlasting domination of hardhittin’ Heavy Rock/Metal, whose originality and pure master helped the genre in quite a few times when trends were coming and going trying to disorientate the fans. “Rough Times” sounds like such a soundtrack; we will win!

To be a little bit more serious: STALLION FOUR’s style is a mix of AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO and KROKUS with a nice part of American in-your-face Hard Rock; imagine a more ‘rocking’ face of newer bands like AIRBOURNE or BULLET and you get the whole deal. The vocals are screaming and dirty with the guitars being rocking and sending shivers down your spine in the leads parts, while the bass/drums parts are rhythmic and pounding with an overall relevance to the US straightforward style.

Party ‘till you drop and that’s the end of the story. Such a small amount of text for a relatively big piece of music. “Rough Times” is to be played loud in your local Rock club or in your car stereo while hanging out with your pals. Nothing less, indeed. I gotta catch these guys live at some time in the future. They must normally kick huge ass.





01. Run And Hide
02. Rough Times
03. Madness
04. Searching Man
05. Running Too Hot
06. Hidden Killer
07. Devil In Me
08. The Train
09. Sister Mean
10. Heart Of Rage


Gustav Ljung - Bass
Peter Druck - Guitars
Bjorn Fors - Vocals
Markus Berg - Guitars
Markus Miljand - Drums