Doro - Under My Skin (A Fine Collection Of Doro Classics)

Doro - Under My Skin (A Fine Collection Of Doro Classics)

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(2CD, Afm Records, 2012)

Whatever is your favorite Metal genre you should agree on the fact that Doro is the undisputed Metal Queen. No matter how hard you may think, you will not discover another female Metal artist with such a long career and high quality discography. As strange as it may sound Doro has managed to keep a place in everyone’s heart via her impressive full of energy concerts where dedication and honesty are highlighted from the first song until the last music note. So, as the Metal Queen and her band moved from Afm Records to Nuclear Blast a ‘best of’ compilation was kind of expected.

Usually, I don’t support ‘best of’ compilations since they have nothing new to offer to the average fan who most probably has all the songs presented. What makes this compilation tempting is the low price taking into consideration that features two discs and a really nice fan-enticing packaging. The selection of songs covers Doro’s solo releases (expect from the all-time classic “All We Are”) and to tell you the truth I really enjoy the track sequence while the sound quality is even for all the tracks, so the listener is not bothered by the difference recordings. There is no point to get into a track-by-track presentation since all the hits are here: from the trademark power ballads “Für Immer” and “Love Me In Black” to mood lifting “Celebrate” and “You're My Family” plus some orchestra arranged tracks from the “Classic Diamonds” release. It’s impressive how Doro’s passion for this music has been imprinted in the recordings via her spine-chilling and passionate singing. One of the highlight of the compilation is the duet with Tarja in “Walking With The Angels” that is simply amazing. She even makes the German lyrics sound great and that’s a hell of an accomplishment...

There is nothing to add here; the package is really tempting for all the DORO fans/collectors while this is a perfect gift for young metalheads who have not pledged allegiance to the one and only Metal Queen (shame on them). This is a nice way to refresh your memory while the new DORO album is on the making.





CD 1
01. All We Are (version 2007)
02. You're My Family
03. I Rule The Ruins
04. Celebrate
05. The Night Of The Warlock
06. Strangers Yesterday
07. Walking With The Angels
08. Metal Tango
09. Thunderspell
10. Herzblut
11. Warrior Soul
12. My Majesty
13. Für Immer
14. Love Me In Black
15. Always Live To Win
16. Running From The Devil
17. Above The Ashes
18. Let Love Rain On Me

CD 2
01. Celebrate (Full Metal Female Version)
02. Rescue Me
03. Rare Diamond (Acoustic version)
04. Angel In The Dark
05. 1999
06. In Liebe Und Freundschaft
07. I Lay My Head Upon My Sword
08. Tausend Mal gelebt
09. Wildfire
10. Breaking The Law
11. She's Like Thunder (version 2005)
12. The Queen
13. You Won My Love
14. Lonely Wolf


Doro Pesch - Vocals
Joe Taylor - Guitar
Oliver Palotai - Keyboards, Guitar
Luca Princiotta - Keyboards, Guitar
Nick Douglas - Bass
Johnny Dee - Drums