Huntress - Spell Eater

Huntress - Spell Eater

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(CD, Napalm Records, 2012)

Reviews are sometimes very difficult and in cases like “Spell Eater” one can use just a few words to describe the musical content… just listen to “Eight Of Swords” and skip the rest of the tracklist. But still, you have to write something, even for a boring album.

This is the debut release from the California based Heavy metallers HUNTRESS: a straightforward Heavy Metal album with a few good almost Thrash moments, which do not really help the repetitive music structure. HUNTRESS attempt to bring an old-school vibe to the modern Heavy Metal and this is where the problem is; it seems like they try to do many things just to appeal to the masses. The riffs are well-played but feel stiff and stale while the solos although found in the right place at the right time sound uninspired. I’d say that HUNTRESS are over-hyped something that is common in the current Heavy Metal scene where money is the absolute driving force and the emotional equalizer, where you have to become famous fast or else get drowned in the sea of similar bands. “Spell Eater” is a very easy to listen album, fit to quickly impress but aren’t we tired of this fast-food Metal, that does everything to appeal to both to the old and the young metalheads? Ok, I understand, sometimes being in the underground, always watching the chances missing you, can add desperation and force you to become mainstream, and that’s not always good.

HUNTRESS are fronted by Jill who could be the only reason to become a fan of the band. If you like screaming and screeching uninspired lyrics written on toilet paper during the moste personal moments, then this is an album for you. I read somewhere that the lyrics have the similar simplicity of bands like RAPSHODY, but I will just say that HUNTRESS think Metal fans are stupid – ok, some are but I choose not to belong to that mob. Of course, I will refer the fact that she has excellent scantly dress pictures with the band all around the internet, but when it comes to my music, I wish that bands do not take me for a fool with simple creative twists and a silly attitude that appeals to 14 year olds, or maybe not.

Ok, it’s time to wrap it up; HUNTRESS present a mediocre album with a dose of old school Heavy Metal with Thrash moments just to spice things up, all this wrapped in a false attitude that after a second listening explodes in your face like that green goo in nickelodeon. I think HUNTRESS will become a great band since there is a hype created by many Heavy Metal media as they are tailor made for an American and younger audience who likes more the luster than the substance of an album.





01. Spell Eater
02. Senecide
03. Sleep And Death
04. Snow Witch
05. Eight Of Swords
06. Aradia
07. Night Rape
08. Children
09. Terror
10. The Tower
11. The Dark


Eric Harris - Bass
Carl Wierzbicky - Drums
Blake Meahl - Guitars
Ian Alden - Guitars
Jill Janus - Vocals