Horse Latitudes - Awakening

Horse Latitudes - Awakening

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(CD, Doomentia Records, 2012)

HORSE LATITUDES scream from afar for their specificity; by choosing their name by one of the most capricious songs of THE DOORS definitely these Finlandeses triggered the curiosity of some to check them them, including myself. The band has been active for four years, comes from Helsinki and the most dominant element in its Doom Metal is the presence of two basses and the absence of guitars.

Although it may sound weird and strange, HORSE LATITUDES are doing quite well and this bass-filled sound gives a power that fits well inside the darkness they want to explore. “Awakening” is their second album after the “Gathering” (2010) and was released via Doomentia Records, the company that had unleash their split with HOODED MENACE which made their name sound loudly in the underground scene. Musically speaking now, if you were a REVERED BIZARRE listener definitely you will find interesting things here since their first three songs sound like a tribute to them. Especially “Profane Awakening” seems like it has leaped out from “Thulsa Doom” 7”. Of course, all these in a ‘less Metal’ perspective since the absence of guitars and their monolithic style bring the band closer to Sludge or whatever it may this be called. What gives motion to their music or to this serpent that wriggles into the deep darkness is the drummer’s vocals; elegiac, like driving the compositions placing the listener on a narrow bridge where the abyss lies in both sides.

Definitely HORSE LATITUDES aim to well-experienced ears of this genre in order that will enjoy their sounds. Also, this one-dimensional concept and their flagrant simplicity of their songs don’t make “Awakening” so exciting in all its entity, depending of course of the weight of drugs each one of you may have to consume. But they deserve any Doom-freak’s attention.





01. Preparation
02. Dissolution
03. Profane Awakening
04. Decline Of The Ages
05. Into The Deep
06. Along The Circles


Harri - Drums, Vocals
Heidi - Bass
Vellu - Bass