Summoner - Phoenix

Summoner - Phoenix

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(Digi, Private, 2012)

Simple band name, impressive artwork and even more impressive tunes: what else could we ask for? SUMMONER hail from Boston, Massachusetts and if you’re into Stoner Rock or KYUSS is your favourite band, you should immediately visit their bandcamp page and place an order for their stuff, or two. I mean, it’s so good, it is definitely worth of our support, so you get what I’m saying, right?

The truth is that nowadays there are lots of QOTSA/FU MANCHU wannabes out there, just copying the same stuff without purpose. Well, every time I have to deal with a Stoner Rock album, I’m thinking like that, but SUMMONER seem to have something more to say since they are creative and a bit original. “Phoenix” is their debut, and includes eight terrific Stoner Rock tunes, able to make your ears bleed. “The Interloper” and “Conjuring” are the solid proof of my saying, bringing to mind the question “why the hell SASQUATCH haven’t played that sh*t before”, while the self-titled track of the album or “Reclaimer” carry a scent from Brant Bjork’s music character, and that’s not an exaggeration. Just listen to the smooth guitar work as they create images of desert landscapes around you. What I like the most is the album closer “Dead Moon”; this track carries the personal id of SUMMONER, with a simple structure being aggressively cryptic and so the ‘repeat’ button doesn’t seem to letting us to enjoy the rest of the album.

Stoner Rock lovers, power bass fuzz freaks and soda magik smokers, “Phoenix” wearing a female perfume, has finally risen and will cover you under her crimson wings. You know what you have to do...





01. The Interloper
02. Winged Hessians
03. Conjuring
04. Let The Light In
05. Phoenix
06. Across Iron Fields
07. Reclaimer
08. Dead Moon


Scott Smith - Drums
Chris Johnson - Bass, Vocals
Joe Richner - Guitar
A.J. Peters - Guitar