Eye Empire - Moment Of Impact

Eye Empire - Moment Of Impact

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(CD, Private Release, 2011)

EYE EMPIRE is new American based band that has been around for 3 years. This album is their debut one that originally released on 2010 but this year was re-released with some differences that I don’t know whether they had to do with the musical content. Despite the fact that EYE EMPIRE does not seem to have a record deal, they look/sound very professional. If you go through the band’s bio you will stumble upon bands like SEVENDUST and STUCK MOJO among others making you think of the mainstream American sound. Ok, to most of the die-hard metallers this does may not sound good or even interesting. But, it is not good to judge a book by its cover or in this case by the influences.

Nevertheless, this young band comes to conquer the US scene with a sound identity that could easily described by using names like SLIPKNOT, SEVENDUST while the influence of Chris Cornell should not be left unmentioned. The guitars are down tuned with nice breaks, the bass is dominating the rhythm section while the vocals come with a multi-colour profile. There is screaming, almost spoken parts but also some nice melodic lines that manage to take the band a step away from the aforementioned influences. I mean the guitar leads often take over and throw some nice riff just like in “Idiot”. Ok, the band may sound that is balancing between music styles but in the end this makes the album interesting and gives a reason for the listener for extra spins.

After some additional listenings, I managed to identify many US based influenced and so, I added STONE SOUR, AVENGED SEVENFOLD and maybe some LINKIN PARK finishing touches in the equation. The result is a nice blend that sometimes is based on the very good vocals (Bull In A China Shop”, “Reason”), sometimes in the guitar groove (“I Pray”, “Ignite”) and sometimes in all of them wrapped in a powerful production. In particular the production has given the album a solid rhythm section based on the massive bass guitar sound.

So, this is not an album for the metalheads who think of themselves traditional and old-school. The mainstream music direction and the highlighted SLIPKNOT influences will not ‘touch’ them at all. Consequently, if the bands mentioned above fall in your cup of tea, then you are mostly welcome in the new empire.





01. I Pray
02. Idiot
03. More Than Fate
04. Bull In A China Shop
05. Reason
06. Feel Like I'm Falling
07. Victim (Of The System)
08. So Wrong
09. Ignite (Moment Of Impact)
10. The Great Deceiver
11. Last One Home


Donald Carpenter - Lead Vocals
B.C. Kochmit - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Corey Lowery - Bass, Backing Vocals
Will Hunt - Drums, Backing Vocals