Mencea - Pyrophoric

Mencea - Pyrophoric

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(CD, Indie Recordings, 2012)

A few years back it was kind of a trend to say “not bad for a Greek band”. Well, let me tell you that it’s time to put an end to such crap, since the level of the Greek Metal scene is higher than ever. MENCEA is one of those bands that can easily compete in the premier Metal league and they manage to prove it with every single step they make.

I got to know this band in its very first form, when they were still named GOJA. Upon changing their name to MENCEA, the Greek metallers have managed to make it big with their debut album “Dark Matter Energy Noir” being released through the Norwegian Indie Recordings in 2008, while also hitting the stage of the notorious 'Inferno Festival'. It may have taken them four years to release their sophomore full-length effort, but trust me it was worth the wait.

“Pyrophoric” picks up exactly where the band’s debut album left off. With a slightly different line up, MENCEA are still on the same path, spitting venomous cries of despair with their melodic & Progressive Death Metal sound. The approximately 37 minutes that this album contains are full of AT THE GATES meets LAMB OF GOD groovy patterns with clever technical breaks that bare the stench of MESHUGGAH and an industrialized FEAR FACTORY like aesthetic. Sounds too complex but it’s not. It’s actually so simple that it will crawl into your brain with ease.

MENCEA manage to sound heavy, modern, while also keep safe distance from ending up sounding common and boring. This is the sound of modern Metal and this is definitely a more than bright example for those who think that Greece is out of the Metal map.





01. Phosphorus
02. CCC
03. Elders
04. Hounds
05. Beheading
06. Pyrophoric
07. Invocation
08. The Dead


Vlasis Ziouvas - Vocals
Vangelis Labrakis - Guitar
Stamos Koliousis - Guitar
Kostas Alatas - Bass
Bertrand Rothen - Drums