Hellsaw - Trist

Hellsaw - Trist

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(CD, Napalm Records, 2012)

The Austrian Black Metallers HELLSAW, after three years of discographic silence absence, have returned with “Trist”. Since their formation HELLSAW have been hard working with three studio albums releases, many live performances, a European tour with SHINING and, most important, a deal with Napalm Records. Now HELLSAW, more mature than ever, have dropped their fourth bomb upon the Metal audience, entitled “Trist”.

What HELLSAW deliver in “Trist” is a blend of old Scandinavian Black Metal, with a modern sound. There is a cold, almost freezing, DARKTHRONE and TSJUDER atmosphere where the tunes are nicely combined with the melodies and the fast guitar work. Another main characteristic of the album is speed: tracks like “Sorrow is Horror” and “Doom Pervades Nightmares” have killer fast intros, with great blast beats and many tempo breaks throughout the album. But HELLSAW are far from playing only fast: the self-titled track has a slow-to-mid tempo pace and a depressive atmosphere with very nice melodic riffs; “The Forerunner of the Apocalypse” brings BURZUM to mind while “Doom Pervades Nightmares” builds an chilling atmosphere with clear guitar with references to DIMMU BORGIR’s original “Stormblast” era. On top of these are the collection of grooves the cold growls of Aries that fit perfectly with the frozen Norwegian Black Metal driven tunes.

“Trist” is a great Black Metal release with an old-school touch, a modern sound and a very good production. With this album, HELLSAW have set the basis for a successful course in the years to come. Recommended for those who are new to the Black Metal genre, since it’s more easy listening, but it can be appealing to the die-hard fans of old Black Metal.





01. The Devil Is Calling My Name
02. Sorrow Is Horror
03. Doom Pervades Nightmares
04. The Forerunner Of The Apocalypse
05. Death Bells
06. Trist
07. A Winter Cold
08. Bedlam1450
09. Silence


Aries -Vocals
Malthus - Guitars
Isiul - Guitars
Desderoth - Bass
Neuroticon - Drums