Wykked Wytch - The Ultimate Deception

Wykked Wytch - The Ultimate Deception

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(CD, Goomba Music, 2012)

WYKKED WYTCH is a female fronted extreme Metal band that in reality is a one person project. Demonic vocalist Ipek is the mastermind behind the South Florida based act backed up by various musicians. During the years of activity Ipek has released five studio albums, including this one “The Ultimate Deception”. The current lineup features the high experienced drummer Kevin Talley (DYING FETUS, SIX FEET UNDER) and the guitarist Nate Poulsen.

It’s kinda of hard to label WYKKED WYTCH’s music due to the variety of the elements in the whole album. Death Metal groovy riffs mix up with Black Metal haunting melodies wrapped in a devilish atmosphere created mostly by Ipek’s vocal lines, make the music tagging really difficult but at the same time pretty interesting. It’s worth mentioning the excellent Poulson’s guitar work especially in the jagged melodies of “Serpent Among Us” and in the album’s highlight “When The Sleepers Rise”.

Nowadays it may be pretty common to see female fronted extreme Meta bands but you have to consider that Ipek has been around for almost twenty years and she has been singing like these since the early days. Despite the fact that WYKKED WYTCH sounds like an American version of CRADLE OF FILTH Ipek never sounds like Dani Filth. She has her own style and can sing even in rapid-fire like in “Birthing The Beast”, or pick up the Black Metal rasp like on “Prayers Of The Decapitated”. Someone said that she had to hold back sometimes and let the music do the job, but when the feeling is right who cares...

WYKKED WYTCH bet on some air time by covering METALLICA’s classic “Fade To Black” and I’d say they did a great job by unveiling an almost Black Metal character. Ipek’s clean vocals and Poulsen’s remarkable riff and solo work are the stars on this one.

“The Ultimate Deception” is a very good purchase for the extreme lovers and an extreme interesting proposition for the rest of us.





01. Birthing The Beast
02. The Ultimate Deception
03. Serpents Among Us
04. Despised Existence
05. Prayers Of The Decapitated
06. When The Sleepers Rise
07. Ecstasy
08. Fade To Black
09. Abolish The Weak
10. Eyes Of A Vulture


Ipek - Vocals
Nate Poulsen - Guitar
Kevin Talley - Drums
Kenny B. - Bass