Nocturnal Torment - They Come At Night

Nocturnal Torment - They Come At Night

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(CD, Deathgasm Records, 2012)

This band caught my attention because behind the bass lines stands Peter Clemens who is in SKULLVIEW (also in INVASION) a band that I really adore and I encourage you to check their first three albums. NOCTURNAL TORMENT play classical, near Florida style, Death Metal and having started as TERMINATION back in 1989. With that name I don’t think they released anything (I mean, demo tapes) and soon after they disbanded. A reincarnation came after 20 years, this time with the NOCTURNAL TORMENT name, releasing this year their first album “They Come At Night” under the banner of Deathgasm Records.

The four piece from Indiana seems to know the art of this music genre and I’d say that their experience is audible in their debut. The songs have a lot of changes, tempos are varied between blasts, slow ones etc lose to DEICIDE and MALEVOLENT CREATION with some cool solos with a lot of tremolo mayhem, NOCTURNAL TORMENT’s music is not bad while the vocals sound like a fluctuation between Glen Benton and Dave Ingram. In general, they are good enough, having some strong themes in their guitars, some others sounding evil-esque, while their playing is cool. But despite these positive elements I cannot say that this album won me. I gave it a lot of time, listening carefully more than a dozen of times and the truth is that no song left an impact upon me. One can trace a difficulty putting their ideas in such way making more interesting their songs apart the fact that some moments cannot pass the mediocrity levels. Besides all these, I found very disturbing the drum’s sound. They are very thin, like a breaking glass all time making very difficult to concentrate to their tunes.

Definitely NOCTURNAL TORMENT wrote a respectable and honest album; a lot of parts show talent and songs like “Cycle Of Life” are worth hearing. But I guess “They Come At Night” could be better, plus it doesn’t have the ability to reach the necessary excitement’s levels.





01. Vile Affliction
02. Alternative Reality
03. Cycle Of Life
04. Fresh Flesh Fetish
05. Bleeding
06. Sweet Decay
07. Forever Eternal Darkness
08. They Come At Night
09. Primordial Existence


Tom Stathis - Guitars, Vocals
Mark Schultz - Guitars, Vocals
Peter Clemens - Bass
Dave Ross - Drums